Romance and Musings

Sprinkle of you

Like a tickle to the soul

let me kiss you and wake you up

as you wake up from your love sleep beside me

I want to watch the messy hair and the sleepy eyes

as you refuse to wake up, I want to hold my arms

and let you wrap yourself in my warmth

kiss your eyes, until you wake up and smile at me 

your smile that excited me like a lightening does 

your naughty eyes that invite me all along

I can always look at you for hours 

to watch you enjoy the sleep in my arms

the way you tuck yourself into my own body 

conquering every inch of me with your tenderness

invading my thoughts even when am away from you

the sprinkle of you is enough to excite me 

let me enjoy the cup of tea with a sugar of you in it. 



10 thoughts on “Sprinkle of you

  1. I am lucky today to read the third of your wonderful passions
    It is worth waking up sleepless at 3.45 am and find this.
    And to think about being dissolved as sugar in the tea in the morning. Wow, is there any better way to be…..

    Liked by 1 person

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