Romance and Musings


I was lost, lost in thoughts

clouding my mind with confusion

thoughts battling in my head

Unable to decide what to be done

Am I weird?

Am I not normal?

The thought was like a sin

it was a temptation

A temptation that woke me up from my slumber

Finally after numerous fights with my unconscious mind

I decided to cleanse myself

the thought had overpowered me 

I could not run away from it

it was just a temptation

a temptation that would break my rules

was it a sin? kept on saying my hidden thoughts

I took over the decision and let myself free fall into it

Even when I was falling, I let my control move over to him

I know he is universal

He will guide me as I  trip and fall

My heart whispered to me” You are just being human dear”

The thought just lit me up and let me jump without fear.


4 thoughts on “Temptations

  1. Excuses and temptations go hand in hand… We have to be careful about it in our walks of life.

    As usual a fabulous piece that we discussed earlier and you penned it so nicely depicting the human nature.

    Liked by 1 person

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