Romance and Musings

Break out and live life

All before I realized

Things changed

All before I guessed

things appeared

Was it destiny?

Unable to drop my tears or even smile

I lay there like a log

dreams swept away

vision faded

All I had to do was accept it

let it overpower me 

I relaxed the thought

letting it creep into me

Finally, it cloaked me

I lay in it for the deep slumber

the slumber from which I do not want to be awake

In my sleep, I dreamt of many things

a pain was encompassing my body

Unable to raise my voice, I lay there and struggled 

One day, a light cracked into my cloak

awakening me from the deep sleep

there was something new in me

a foreign piece of me, that was fluttering

fluttering and playing with the breeze

I opened my eyes to see the beauty of it

Puzzled me, unable to decide what I was supposed to do

let it play its own game 

with a wiggle, I lift myself from the cloak…

there It was me in the air,  tumbling up and down in the air

fiddling myself to balance

another breeze came in inviting me lifting me ahead

Slowly I gained a balance in the new life

landing on every flower petal I could find

the past life vanished away and I was in the air floating.




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