Romance and Musings

I choose my life…​

Define me, As I am

Save me, As I am

Do not sway me for your own purpose

I want to be like the wind 

influencing everything it touched

I do not want to be the air that is caged in the jar

just to fill your emptiness

I want a life, that is not yours

I want a life, that is mine

A life that accepts me as a whole 

with all my deformities and craziness

Let me choose the one, that is mine not yours

A life that lets me paint myself it 

A life that I want to embark upon 

to enjoy the true wisdom of living. 


8 thoughts on “I choose my life…​

  1. The best with full of enthusiasm and self respect. Waiting for others to reform is really killing. Find our way and avoid those discard beautifully written. 👌

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  2. Absolutely… A life that needs to be lived in your own way… Without being dragged unnecessarily… But again it’s life’s truth… We somehow need to follow a pattern, a life, a family… That influences our decisions.

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