Romance and Musings

You strengthen me

you are the sculpture

I worked day and night

you are the fire

that brought warmth in me

you are the reason 

that every day is a promising life for me

as you commenced your life in me

everything around me changed 

I was becoming the more of you than me

you welcomed me, even before you saw me

you lived in me when I was unsure of life

you strengthen my life with your touch

you knocked, when I was alone

ensuring that I knew you belonged to me

As we grow together 

you nurtured me into a mother

as I looked at you, you smiled

ascertaining that you love me 

even when I am vulnerable. 



8 thoughts on “You strengthen me

  1. I hope you loved as wonderfully as your lines keep revealing, don’t wanna stop reading your poems, they are just my lot!💞


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