Romance and Musings

Walk Away from the life

She decided to walk away

Walk away from everything that hurt her

She was tired of convincing 

She wondered why it was important to convince

Was she not conveying the facts running in her life?

Was she not the one belonging there?

It hurt her every second of being misunderstood

the moments of happiness were overshadowed by the doubts

she for a moment thought that she never belonged there

life was complicated

she stood there on the steps overlooking the tracks

it was a choice

 choice of deciding to live fighting or fight to accept death

the tracks led nowhere, yet she stood watching the train pass 

the faces that vaguely passed  by

she stood there watching for hours

death was never a choice for her 

as she was a fighter

she has to live for the life she has given birth to

she stood away from the tracks 

walked back home to embrace her little one

For a moment death was inviting her

yet she struggled with her thought

and decided to be a fighter again. 




2 thoughts on “Walk Away from the life

  1. Every one undergoes this moment atleast split of a second and overcome the thought to live. For this we don’t want to be a fighter but a true lover, expecting nothing in return, enjoying the smaller things…. And on…. I love life.

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