Romance and Musings

Upside Down

I lay watching the world upside down

witnessing the sky moving above me

the birds fly up in the blue backdrop

the trees upside down

my hair caressed by the wind 

breeze whispering in my ears

the cool breeze was playing hide and seek with my eyelids

the world watching me as I watched them 

I watched the pursuit of happiness with a different viewpoint

the night overshadowing the day 

with the lights brightening the streets 

all looked bright and shiny from my viewpoint

still, the wind was the same to me

brushing my eyelids to fall asleep in the arms of the wind

I slowly slid myself into the shadow of the night sleeping peacefully.





6 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. I think your laziness portrait very beautifully. But hardwork is necessary if we want to enjoy the world outside. If you are sound then no problem. My case is different. ☺️

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