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Take me back home

As I walk around the streets without people go unnoticing me, I do not know where Am I living. The streets and the roads even the shops are quite frequently visited, yet there is no familiarity. There is no glimpse of “feeling like being at home”. Earning a living in the city is like losing oneself. Falling apart from the reality of being me. Lost in the crowd, amidst the chaos and confusions that the world around me is creating. I miss the real me, who loves smiles, friendly gestures etc.

Even the rush in the city pulls me out of the present and puts me in a place where I always wanted. The real life, where I could feel if my lungs are breathing, I could feel if there was a touch of a leaf. The days I miss a lot. It is ironic when I was on the running spree to fall into a busy life and get moving, I left everything I ever wanted, everything I  treasured the most in the corner of my heart and set myself to a life which was never befitting me. 

An unmatched lifestyle, irrelevant walk of life and everything that was never me- I live now. The city even if I lived years, never got adapted to me.And I still feel like a  stranger. 

I want to fall into those Greenlands, authentic houses surrounded by beautiful lakes and trees bordering them.Singing of the cuckoo, the chirping of the birds, the fresh smell of sand and early mornings with the prayers chanting from the far-off temples, the church bells, the ones I  MISS the most. 

I want to be in my cradle back again, to feel like being full of life. 

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