I waited to be chosen

Overlooking those eyes to look at me

look at me with all the love I wanted

Every time I waited, patiently

the eyes just turned away

my silent calls went unheard

yet I waited..

waited for the moment to be heard by

I was in the crowd, not far away

not very close though

All I just needed was a hand of love and hope

For it I waited …waited as long as I can

with an anticipating soul

overlooking the sky … the sun and the moon visiting routinely

Finally, the hands arrived, but it was just rotten me in the end

All the eyes did, discard me away into the trash…

Heart-broken me lay low in the sand, decaying and decomposing

finally dissolving into the sand. 



Unable to Choose….

At the edge of the cliff

I stood with one foot feeling the air

The other feeling the safety of the land

All I could see is the vast nature that was calling me

inviting me to its bed of love

The other one was the land nourished and watered

I was living at the edge of it

A small step either saves me

A small step lets me fall

Dangling in between the choices 

I stood there silently watching the nature

I let myself loose, to be chosen by nature itself

Dilemma of choosing the right was torturing me

I felt like a bird, learning to fly 

who stood there waiting to understand what is best for it

Finally like the bird took a flight, the sky became its home 

For me, I stood amazed by the overwhelming beauty of the world around me

Unable to choose… Unable to fly… Unable to walk away.