Romance and Musings

Knock Knock !! Awake

Knock on my door

awakening from my slumber

walking me through the dreams I ever cherished

As I took my steps further

You stayed back

leaving me astray on the path unknown to me

I walked away into the world that was unfamiliar

I turned back several times just a foot back

awaiting for the touch or a call from the past

I was like the bird flown away from the cage

unable to decide which direction to fly 

yet I flew with the wind, like a fallen leaf

stumbling on many obstacles, yet with determination

I was stamped, crushed, pained 

yet I decided to fly again even with my bruised wings

broken heart, aching self-respect, burned fingers

Yet I walked to the far off distance which I knew contained my destiny

I knew it is never near 

Still, I walk on the same path shown to me.


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