turning pain to power

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A time I remember

when I felt I was just nothing

being nothing was so poignant

yet, I survived

I was only noticed by thirsty eyes

that hindered my growth 

all I wished was to run away

run away from those gorging thoughts

every milestone came and went

but I remained there, buried under my timeline

yet my ardent soul never abandoned me

raising me up from the hole I buried myself in

becoming what I could be …

enlightening my soul to dream.







hide and seek

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light and shadows

playing hide and seek

with our bodies

as we play along

the warmness in you is igniting me

my eyes shut close as your lips approach mine

swaying in the rays of light

collisions of our souls

unrest fingers and lips

breathing heavily 

as we part our lips

as if we are dying of suffocation

as we embrace again we revive into life.



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I preferred loneliness

I chose silence

I chose elimination

I chose to be away

away from all that I loved

to realize how much I treasured them

the pain of thoughts agonized me

it was never easy to be lost 

lost and obsolete

I want to lay absent-minded

adamant towards life choices

lay abandoned

lost in the far off places

where I am just telescopic to the world

flown away into oblivion.


being into the wild

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choose happiness

choose wisely

choose to be you

choose to love

choose to be proud of what you are

choose to be the truth

choose to be unique

follow your instincts

advance for the differences

catch the wildness

save it for the wildest

as one day the wildest will come and grab you

snatch you away from the adaptable world

to a world that lets you explore

every second will be the lush of imagination

living in such arms would be a desire I crave the most.


Walking away

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sliding away from the life path

confused and bewildered

betrayed and hurt

she felt the world against her

pained and expunged

she was like a candle swaying in the wind

letting herself to obliterate in to the thin air

she gave up all for the soul 

who deserted her in the middle

she believed that they were the two halves perfectly united

she was like being murdered 

bleeding to death in an unknown valley

amongst unknown souls

she felt the need for familiarity around her

she collapsed under the lack of vibe of life.





Closing my eyes

all I see is your eyes

deeply dissolving in me

all I could feel is your hands feeling my skin

like the sun rays roving  up warming up space

your finger move around me advancing closer to me

all I could feel again is your breath on my face

I shut my eyes and eagerly wait for your kiss

there is an air of inclination around us

our spirits in coition

blending well and awakening every inch of us

it felt like magnets dancing in the flux

melding me in you 

as we enter the wedlock.





Impulse to live

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I do not know

what I do

it is just the thoughts that take me away

all I am doing is drifting along 

along with the thoughts

flowing like a river

smiling occasionally

being someone unknown

it is unintentional

its the mind that is creating an impulse

strolling like as if am amidst my garden

hovering every flower and grass on my way

I am loving this heedful flow of my life

it is like as if am a leaf lost in the flow of the river current

winging it like my life 

a journey in my mind.