I don’t want to be just a chapter…

Image result for i want to live with you

I don’t want to be a chapter in your life

not just a word that describes you

but the whole world to you as you are to me

I want to tag along with you in every footstep you take

walking along with you to bring life to our dream

the desire to live the true life

a life worth living

dreams with you never ending

a life as a dream

where, as I open my eyes I see you

like in my dreams with my closed eyes

I read the same desire through your eyes

in every blink of my eye, I cuddled you in my arms

even if it meant a day, I wish I ever lived it with you

before my breath is taken away from my body.


5 thoughts on “I don’t want to be just a chapter…”

  1. It’s reflect true and extremely deepth feeling. If time is with you and don’t force to change your feelings these lines could follows you rest of your lives !!

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