The whispering…

Image result for a girl under  yellow flower tree

She looked above… 

there were thousands of flowers blooming

when the air whispered to the tree

the tree showered all its jewels on her

beneath she stood 


drenched in the fragrance  of jewels falling on her

she picked one of them

adoring the beauty of it

the yellow flowers that were blushing

bringing on redness on the petals

like her cheeks that blushed 

along came the chirping of birds

that was like soothing music  in the breeze

the tree and the breeze kept whispering again

as she witnessed their union. 


Rage of passion

The smile that awakens the shut doors in me

I may be flawed


With you clasping me

Every imperfect portions in me

Perfectly get adorned by you

Every edge in me

Fills you perfectly in

Like the magic of love potion

You stimulate my nerves

Bringing out the wilderness in me

Only you can witness it

Only you can cherish the taste of it

Let me ooze out a Lil of my potion to you

Walk with me

As I let you evade in to me

Shatter my peace and rage a love war with me.

Spread the light

Image result for streetlight in slums

DArkness was our life

as the sun slept

Moon never came up

shining high

too high to color us

when you came

you shone high enough for a stone to reach

yet you reached us

brightening out the night sky

bringing all together under you

-Street light

Light up all the streets, to give them a tinge of light that bring life at night in our homes.

You are the tickle , I cherish

Image result for just be mine

I was suffocating

AS if you took my life away

Push your limits on me

caress your lips on my skin

embalm me with your spirits

lean on to me, go deep into my eyes

I want to feel you in me

filling in the air that is hovering on me

with your magical fingers 

reconfirming that you are just mine forever.



A poem for Fuzia

A poem for Fuzia Contest