I am a Woman, Not Just Today , But Everyday


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We Bleed 

We cry

We bid farewells

We are not brittle, but easily broken

We do not want reservations 

we want to be considered 

Words utter ” we want equality”

Deeds unheard of them 

Betray me, I would never look back

Treat me well, you will taste heaven

Mislead me, you will see hell

I am Woman, not just Today, but Every day.



17 thoughts on “I am a Woman, Not Just Today , But Everyday”

  1. Every day take a pledge,
    that you will love,
    you will spread happiness,
    you will take care,
    you will join and unite humanity,
    you will be kind,
    you will be compassionate towards all,
    you will celebrate life,

    No matter what………and see what life brings back to you….happiness in loads…..

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