Romance and Musings

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Romance and Musings

Thorns and roses


Follow my writings on #yourquote

Romance and Musings

Heal Me…

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Heal me

heal me as I am torn

heal me as I am burdened

enslave my heart

envisaged in my pain

like the footprint on the sand

I am imprinted with you forever

agony never parts its ways from my heart

echoing in my walls

is only your name

like the roaring winds.


Romance and Musings

Shells on the shore…

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Like the shell 

snatched away from the shore

I was washed away in your love

as you cleansed my shells

you send me back to the shore

to be the shell adorned on your neck

carrying the echo of your voice enclosed in my walls

I lived with you in my heart.


Romance and Musings


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Don’t know why

my heart aches

it is not following to beat its way out

pain, unbearable

even the calmest of my heart

thrashes like the ocean waves on the rocks

betraying my patience, my heart yearns for you

I shut myself in the deepest of the dungeons

ignoring my pain 

I wish I was heartless.