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Letting one walk away, is painful…

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A pain I never endured

it was like, I was losing a piece of me…

losing something, that contained me

for a moment, even the seconds seemed painful

without you in it

it was like thorns thrusting into me..

even when far, you fill me with a desire to live

it was hard to let go,

I couldn’t do what the words could say as my tears rolled down

never knew walking away was so much painful

every part of me yearned for you

my ears wished for a callback

hands, yearned for you to hold me back

lips, to be sealed by yours

eyes, to be wiped by your fingers..

unbearable pain, it was,

making me realise, my life was never without you.



Romance and Musings

The more I see, my heart floods with love…

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You let me never defeat,

You walk beside me, upholding my courage

as you save me from drowning in my fears

I grab on to you, as you are the last resort for me,

you are the fulfilling promise of my life

that fills in me the blooming flowers

with you, a life is my dream

a dream, that I yearn the most

the more I see you,

my heart floods with love

unable to harness my feelings

my words trigger my fingers to open it, in the blank pages of my life

where your love is filling in all the colours

building a nest in my heart, you are living in me

like forever mine.

Romance and Musings

As your thoughts …stumble on mine…

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As your thoughts

stumble my thoughts,

I skip a beat …

I realise how much I crave you

as I close my eyes, I see you on my lap

underneath the blankets, looking deep into my eyes

as I caress your forehead ..

as and when the breeze kiss me, it feels like

your breath falling on my skin ,

as the sky shower, it is like

you kiss me all over…

your love revives me,

making me feel like life beside you

is the best I have earned.


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my words …

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Words liberate from me,

Like water evaporated from the surface

in the warmth of the world

which ignites my thoughts

words, form dew drops like tiny diamonds

adorning my soul

twinkling in the sunlight

slowly raising its wings to move up into the sky

at times it falls off, causing a havoc or drizzle

to the thoughts of the people around me.


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Break Away

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Every morning the alarms ring, reminding her childhood days, where it was her mom calling her out to wake up.  She wished for those days, to return, where she could slip back into the blanket and sleep more cosy on those early winter mornings.

But, shaken by the world she lives currently, she wakes up and hurries to the busy world, which never stops or let her stop.

But, her thoughts were always busy – she thought what if I stop, for a while?

Will it bother anyone around her or even cause her to fall back?

She never got those answers…

As she hurdled in those thoughtful mornings, where she craved for a warm cup of tea, extended by someone…..but there were none to offer her one.. as the real world is never magical.

She went ahead preparing her cup of tea… as her tummy awaited for those warm drippings to touch the bowel system. She hurried, to silence the nature calls and the cravings for a sip of tea, which always brought in thousands of memories of every stage in her life.

For once, like every other girl, she wanted to grow soon to be independent….

but she thought – Is she really independent – other than cooking her own food?

her choices are adulterated 

her dreams are adulterated

her future is adulterated 

her speech is adulterated

there is nothing, where she was alone. Everything she did was adulterated with others choices, dreams, life and even words. What was she doing, for her own self?

Even when these thoughts mumbled in her brain, her hands never stopped , her chores.. She ran errands, doing everything everyone wanted.

her day, went on … until the moment she gets on her own time…but when is it?

Everyone assumed she could take a break and relax when all went on for their own duties… but really does she take a break- the shaken world never lets her relax. She works on other things required for all.

She went on and on and on…. until she decided SHE NEED A BREAK.

Yes, A Break from life – it will be her deathbed.