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Entwined in the pain you caused

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Falling for you

Would never be the same

even when you are near me

The pain you endowed on me

never took away the whole of you from me

every moment, you are recalled to me

through various flashes, I witness every day

like frozen for a moment

the world pause for me

to bring you alive from my memory

though all along you,

I burn you into ashes for the pain you inflicted me

you arise like the phoenix from the ashes

to remind me of the pain, I had endured.




Romance and Musings

Doors of my life….

Romance and Musings

Grab me closer …

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Pull me along

closer to you

let me sweat in the hot waves

that you expel as you linger closer to me

let me weave us together

like we are one always

like threaded together

be one with me …

let me loosen myself in your grip

as your fingers write the favourite song on me

your lips sing the best duet with mine…

let us  make a song, that sway anyone

slipping away into the romance unforgettable.


Romance and Musings

Imperfectly Pure Sin

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Be the imperfectly perfect sin 

I entreat the most

If I am the sin for you

love me more like you sin

be never rigid to hold back

let me let you slip and fall in me

sinning the way, like never before

love me every day, like being alluring

swill me in 

force my attention, upholding my fervour

let the pain of staying away subside as we unite

all I wish is we sin together

dissolving in each other, until death parts our ways



Romance and Musings

The way you do..

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You are the moon 

that fade away the obscurity

around me ..

there was a time I wished to run away

you held me like you do always

there was a time when I wanted to fade away

when you held me, closely making me feel that I exist

setting me on fire, enkindling the hidden concupiscence

you just showed me

what I longed the most

the way you do, 

none can stir me the way you do…

you make me desire for you even more.