Romance and Musings

Fire up

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Blanketed under the starlit sky

you locked your eyes in mine

tickling my belly

savouring the aroma of my skin

smiling at me , as you peck each time

i wished that the moments lasted long

as you move up to my lips

all i wanted you to be locked up there

twisted in my tongue 

warming up each other 

as our eyes never get tired igniting each other. 

Romance and Musings


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Romance and Musings

A void

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Romance and Musings

a journey to endure…

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As I begin to pen down

a huge conflict arise in me

to be the one or fake my words

as i struggle with a pain within

unknown to the lips , as it knows only to smile

exhausted as i am , in my path

unable to quench the thirst of my inner soul

wandered i walked around 

seeking the elixir of life

all the warmth seems like burning me

rather than pushing me up in my journey

lost asI feel , as the path seems dreaded

wish I just open up my eyes

as if it was just a nightmare to be forgotten

nerves still tangled in my body 

voices echoing around me

beckoning me to be suicidal 

yet , all i see is the light awaiting me 

all I have to is endure the journey until it s fulfilled.

Romance and Musings

am just ME, when am with YOU

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In your eyes

I see a different me

a version that is unseen

all i know is my pulse never stops 

it is like the crackling of the crackers

twinkling in the night sky like the stars

everything seems crystal clear like daylight

our worlds are woven together to be never apart.