Romance and Musings

Marking my 6 years in Blogging here

It started as a drop

today I own this ocean of words

from the turbulent heart of mine. 

Happy Anniversary With WordPress !!!

My pleasure accentuates while I am sharing my happiness with my fellow bloggers and friends who are genuinely . Every post I shared had a piece of me in it which I believe everyone who reads me gets equally. 

Over the years, I have being finding a better me  , as I take forward every step. It was a learning always. 

Thanks to everyone for giving me an opportunity to be a part of your heart and welcoming me to be a part of your life too . 

I look forward to be the same , may be a little better every day as I share to you my inbound feelings. 

Thank you for wholeheartedly accepting me . 

Keep sharing your views and if you like my work , keep sharing them too.  It would be delighting too . 

Thank you for being here …..