Romance and Musings

Befriended the storm within me..

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Sadness is my venture

to a better me every now and then

walking past my buried dreams

harrowed my thoughts

like an axe hitting the woods

staying still, yet bleeding to death

until I decided to venture the storm

at the risk of my own self

wherein I decided to up bring the

demons in me, who will protect me from evil

do, no good I decided to myself

as the pain had always befriended me

ever since I was the victim of it

until I conquered it with a smile

today I rage with the storms in me

who remain insane all along.

Romance and Musings


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The mirror reflection put me at a pause

where am I?

the reflection was never of me

I strained my eyes to see through

it was just like a broken glass

the scars shined in the sunlight

even the pain forgot its identity

everything looked the same on either side

blood dried scars and the sun-dried dreams

the mirror remained the same

reflecting me, with an emotionless picture of me.



Romance and Musings

I am ??????

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I cried bitterly

as they denied my existence again

an identity I carved out myself

becoming more of me and less of theirs

yet like ever before

I was denied, again

pain is unbearable

yet a joy I set aside remained

as I had the sparks to survive the darkness.

a journey I conquered without fear

being manoeuvred relentlessly

yet I kept struggling

even when none take my name

let the sands brush away my name

let the wind push away my memory

let the waves wash away my struggles

as I become one with them finally.