Romance and Musings

I am ??????

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I cried bitterly

as they denied my existence again

an identity I carved out myself

becoming more of me and less of theirs

yet like ever before

I was denied, again

pain is unbearable

yet a joy I set aside remained

as I had the sparks to survive the darkness.

a journey I conquered without fear

being manoeuvred relentlessly

yet I kept struggling

even when none take my name

let the sands brush away my name

let the wind push away my memory

let the waves wash away my struggles

as I become one with them finally.





Romance and Musings

Marking my 6 years in Blogging here

It started as a drop

today I own this ocean of words

from the turbulent heart of mine. 

Happy Anniversary With WordPress !!!

My pleasure accentuates while I am sharing my happiness with my fellow bloggers and friends who are genuinely . Every post I shared had a piece of me in it which I believe everyone who reads me gets equally. 

Over the years, I have being finding a better me  , as I take forward every step. It was a learning always. 

Thanks to everyone for giving me an opportunity to be a part of your heart and welcoming me to be a part of your life too . 

I look forward to be the same , may be a little better every day as I share to you my inbound feelings. 

Thank you for wholeheartedly accepting me . 

Keep sharing your views and if you like my work , keep sharing them too.  It would be delighting too . 

Thank you for being here …..

Romance and Musings

Music reminds me

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Romance and Musings

Silent Steps …

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It lures me 

the way you turn me on

to do what you always need

coquetting  me the way 

that just echoes to the world

that I am precious to you

attracting attentions that are freaking ,

you never owned me

but let me own you right from the beginning 

with you I am just a free bird

enjoying the bewitching waterfall 

getting drenched to the core 

yet soaring high up like an eagle

augmenting into your heart 

in the silent steps that tickles

every inch of you and me. 

Romance and Musings

Together they…

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Listening to the melody

that the old radio played

she was lost in the splitters and splatters

all she moved was with the beats played on

her hips swaying to the rhythm that kept her pace slow

cherishing every piece she put to savor the platter she was making

with all love she had in her heart

as he came by , caressing her as she swayed like a doll in his arms

her smile was the reason , he ever smiled 

lost in her eyes , he cuddled as if she was his world

to let her go, was the toughest part in his life

he held her like the gem stone that shone his armour.