Extinct or Extent


Extensions of my due here

on earth never impressed me

all I ever wanted to be

was never to be extinct in one’s life

to be in everlasting love,

imagining to the core

engulfed by thoughts that

brings on my hormones to dance on…

an invincible life

that is grudged to the core

emotions that swirl across me

like the oceanic waves

bringing me the treasure underneath

unrevealing the secrets to me

as I remain the only one to receive it fully.




back view countryside couple cropland
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Eyes met,

and they drifted away

it was just seconds away

from the touch

floating away into infinity…

taking a piece of each other in their arms

weighing it above their hearts, they moved on

everything they never said

felt in the magnificence of silence they had

some love stories, live separately…

it is True and everlasting gesture of Meet.


Restore or bend – Your choice

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One way or the other

we mend someone

or break some

pleasing everyone is not life

at times, look into the mirror

and smile for yourself…

as none can make you happy..

other than you .. yourself..

enjoy the bliss of life.

which will end in a jiff…

let us not repent wasting

our so-called precious life for others…

who never valued your presence in there’s..


Image result for breaking the glass

I am learning from you all

to break hearts…

pursuing the art of it

by mending and breaking hearts

like you all did once to me…

but never bothered to mend it at all..

so here I am, all the broken pieces collated well

but you will never see me cry over the broken pieces..

Now, as I enjoy being selflessly loved

to break it down easily,

that brings me at peace ..

blame me

judge me

I never mind..

as you broke my mind…

long ago….

when it was the right time to nurture it…

All I do is

mend to end…


Nights never overwhelmed me as much, as it is now..

silhouette of person under starry night artwork
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Nights began its whisper

windchimes rhythmically

bringing in music to life

the night enchants everything around

for a moment I pause

the breeze sweeping my thoughts away

as if it is making love to me

tingling my feet, bringing a smile on me

the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds

as I hide with the curtains swinging with the breeze

the light falls on my skin

brightening every pores on mine

dawn never excited me as much

as you do, my nights…

I could be awake and feel the warmth of the night

and the coldness of the breeze that tantalizes my mind

nights never became so overwhelming to me ever…

since it reminds me of

loved ones …



This is how Sudha Murthy saved me

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Every night is a story challenge for me… At times, even though i recollect pretty lot many stories, I keep forgetting them, at the time I really need them in my brain.

I guess i need to patch up with my memory soon, it just remembers the unwanted ones.

My little darlings need a story every night, Thanks to my mom, who at times saves me from this hurdle.

But, yes still I need a saviour at times. As my elder one who recently turned 9, is slowly getting an interest in reading, she is fond of reading all the small tales like Panchatantra ( which was almost getting dusted for past two years here) and the rest. I am in a searching spree to find new stories ..

And here I found my saviour…

Sudha Murthy

Her wonderful collections are quite engaging and Its so easy to keep in my mind, that I started reading more of her books, to recite a few to my kids. I am not an ‘avid reader’ – but an ‘excuse-reader’, hence it is tough for me to glue to books, yet I manage to read a few.

I wish, by the time age conquers me, I shall be well-read as I call it.

So, parents, who want to tell stories at nights at bedtime,  I would suggest Sudha Murthy’s collections.

Even I am interested to know, what all you read to your kids, Do suggest and help me explore more.


Constraining my thoughts

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I just plug in my ears with my headphone,

lost in my own world between my ear lobes.

Making me feel wonderful,

as the beats of the music circle in my own head,

hitting every wall of my brain.

I could sense the flow of my thoughts

to and fro inside my space, where I weave

most of my writings ..

at times some try to break away into the air

I hold them tight enough, not to let them go out..

beholding them, within me…

not knowing that one day, it will burst away

into the atmosphere, probably maligning my own space

or even enlightening others…

All I know is, I own them

As I constrain them…