A pearl that is born out of our core

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Fragrance of flowers

still lingers on us,

like the petals

containing the dew of the first rain

I saved the drops of our love,

in a wish to gift you a pearl;

a pearl, that contains the

the beauty of our core,

which imprints our love

filling in every vein with us

and Just us.




Flooding your heart…

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A page

unhidden from the world

as I reign in your eyes

flooding your heart

with affection, unconditionally

glowing your face ..

which is pounding your heart

infinitely as if you are breathless..

when my lips, comes in the vicinity to yours,

pouring in the oxygen I consume,

pecking on yours ..

exchanging the riddles

that are dissolving on my lips..


Let us learn to listen

..a short article for Candles..


Those days would never come back

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Walking down the memory lane,

all I could recollect is those days,

I walked into you, like a butterfly

to be filled in with colours,

You were overwhelmingly strange and rustic beauty

which enticed me, in the first glance…

the flower beds, you lay for me, had thousands of dreams to pick from…

every corner of you, I created stories with my loved ones,

every wall had a story to treasure

like a painting, I painted the best in my heart forevermore…

As the journey was concluding,

I felt like I never had enough of you,

I stood there, every time like a child

beckoned by your beauty …

but I knew, those days would never come back.






നീയും ഞാനും

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As the waves recite our stories…

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Just like the ink spilt on the paper

write on me a poem of a lifetime ,

where you recite,

the tales of untold love stories.

unquenched is my desire to be just with you,

just to walk by your side,

enticed by the winds from the sea,

embellished by the sunset, admiring our love

as it delves into the sea,

we lie on the sand, imprinting our togetherness

in the wet sand…

as if we are sculpturing a new us in it,

which slowly is evaded by the sea,

to dissolve us in those waves

making our love a story to be told

through the waves…



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