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Romance and Musings

Love in the distance never diminishes

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Even a world apart.

we share the same heartbeat.

like the rhythm of the same song..

you and I are lyrics of a single melody..

even distance fails to burden our hearts..

the journey seems endless to be one

yet we began in the context of love..

which is endless, even when the world seems shorter

walk alone or in a company,

you will feel me, right when you need me..

and we are each other’s north stars…

leading us together towards our destiny..

we wait, as long as our hearts beat…

even when distance and time is a mystery to us…

we began our journey to be one forever.


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Forever poems for you

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My lullaby is

the silent breathing you do..

my blankets are in those arms,

which gives me the warmth of a lifetime..

my sweet craving ends on your lips..

my tears are contained in your arms…

as you wither all my sadness away like magic…

I cam drown in you and get drenched in you all along..

as you make me weak in knees with your smile.

you are the warmth wherein I would love to melt away all along..

in your silence, I find thousands of words…

which I just peck away from your lips

when you say nothing at all…

all I read are those eyes….

which is glued to mine

and the fingers which play the rhythm of love ..

on my bared skin




Romance and Musings

Being the wildest woman

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Let me run wild.

exploring the luscious greenery

rocky mountains.

and dive into the roaring ocean

plunging into the depths unknown to me.

I forget the world I live in..

living to the fullest.

breathing in the gush of oxygen that

just fills me in…

Playing in the sand…

Forgetting the world watching me…

Awaking amidst the insanity of the wildness.

Showered by those wildflowers

Who deck me up better than ornaments…

And finally

Witnessing the twinkling stars.

That put me to bed…

Blanketing me with those starlit skies…

Romance and Musings

Danced to the rhythm of hearts

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Why I felt as if the world was paused…

all of a sudden..

everything around me stopped

as we were locked in each other’s lips…

All I could feel was the dampness of the dancing lips…

and the way you crunched me in your arms…

like you never wanna leave me…

and the background rhythm of our heart..

racing against each other to augment our passion…

and we just flow in its rhythm…

crawling on to each other…

quenching thirst of passion.