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Motherhood is a delicate stretch in a woman’s life.  It goes with all twists and turns but in the end, all are great moms, not bad, not imperfect but the best moms for the child.

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Let me freeze the time and live in it


Heartbeats, thumping like the beats of music.

that you always loved listening to.

I just heard only the rhythm, it was playing..

as you were sighted right in front of me..

brightening my eyes..

overwhelming my thoughts, with nothing but you..

I stood awake,

but I was closing my eyes and listening to the heart,

which homes me..

like the raindrops, falling into the ocean…

becoming one with it..

I wished you rain upon me…

reciting the poetry of dewdrops…

and smooching away the inhibitions in me…

all I knew it that, the only thing I want

is love you much more…

and feel alive.

Just freeze the moment..

and loop in that moment forever

and let you take me into you…- The Home I always adore to be in.






I am the poetry, you bleed in love

Engulf my thoughts,

with the boundless zest.

rekindle my moments with that music,

that just taunts my memories…

that floods in, giving a rush of emotions …

spurring my poetic senses..

all I need is those warm cuddles..

wherein my words come flooding by..

like the uncountable caresses you shower on me,

every word, you utter becomes poetry to me..

and every touch you make, 

enthralls my skin…

invoking the hidden desires…

that slips away from my lips but ends in yours…

I want to be the poetry..

that you recite, with the ink you bleed in love with me..




The Ignored Child

Away was she, from cuddles;

awarded only occasionally,

was her presence …

unknown was she, as she was never considered

loved to the core,

not knowing she is just a bait…

her words were silenced,

her wishes were snubbed

it was only her fake smile, that lingered

yet, her pain staggered, floating with her as an unknown soul

she was just around but neglected every time…

her pain pondered, breaking her every time…

as she was ostracized by all she loved…

she even cured her pain, by ignoring it.






With you, Every Battle seems like Just Another Dawn

Amidst my confusions,

you are the only surety, I have…

the way you caress me,

takes away the pain I surrendered to…

with you, every battle seems like just another dawn…

every failure is yet another dusk…

all you give me is the freedom to breathe..

like there was nothing hindering the flow of air into me…

I just know only one thing, that without you my life is harder…

as you keep my memories alive and never broken…

with you, I feel I have being frozen into the timeline of my life…

that is just meant for the happiness of our souls…

freeze me , into this moment,

when you are just mine and I am yours forever…




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Candles Online

I was always a foodie, even now and will be forever.

So food was not something I stayed away from. I loved being in the kitchen, be it for cooking or for eating. I always enjoyed making things, even if it might not be perfect. I enjoyed watching my mom cook. My love for cooking comes from the way my mom cooked and served everyone, I believe.  I have always seen her making everything we all loved eating and even if she never gets a bite to eat, she served everyone, enough to fill their tummies and even their heart.

The ease with which she met our demands, was tremendous, in spite of being a working mom. Even when I was mocked for being fat, my mom was never reluctant to cook and make me eat. Every time any guest came to our house, our dining table was filled with…

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