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Deal with Virus Within US


Do this

Do that

Learn that

Don’t waste time!!!

Oh !! Now I realised where all these viruses are coming from putting us all in lockdown. shutting doors to viruses. But what about the viruses within us ???

The virus of not wasting time – syndrome.

Where are we running to?

oh !! Please stop by, just see the world around you.

It is panicking now.

Have you not realised it yet, or is it just me – not able to realise it- OH my GOD, I realised I am human.

Today’s Term to reconcile with – “VACATION

All I hear is schools starting classes fo kids, amid this pandemic. Is it really important, how far you are going to be ahead in your academics? Just chill, don’t you want them to enjoy their spare time – yes the unexpected time they are showered upon.

All are behind preparing for the next academic year- when I am actually not even sure – will I survive yet another day on this earth. ( am i the only one in this too)

People are still on the run – a race – which I do not feel its quite important -when we are just fighting to survive. Hope just humanity wins.

Parents are worried about how to get their child get accustomed to living without gadgets, and this is the time for it. Let them get bored, be much more like a human being – learn to do house-hold chores( trust me its fun), learn to arrange their cupboards, come up with their own activity ( we don’t need rule books to play) and be on their own. They can also cook and do some workout fun to enjoy.

Childhood is a merrier time, it will never come back. Let it be just fun-filled – not just academics alone.

Schools give two months vacation – seems they forgot this year that April and May are on the roll, and they are still taking classes. I wish to remind them, its “VACATION” – Chill bro !!!!

Are they really planning to panic kids and put up EXAMS, by the time there is a mere possibility of school reopening. OMG !! This is what it feels like when I hear other schools are doing online classes for the next academic year.

Funny but yes true !!

JUST CHILL, It’s just the best time to make memories and cherish it with your loved ones.  Academics can wait – we are not in a competition with anyone – or are we ??

Just think before you put stress on kids, they are too young to be a pressure cooker.



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Reciting the breaking away

Reciting a poem of pain,

as I stood on the aisle;

where happiness was on stake

it never took me long to realise i was suiciding

killing everything that was me;

crunching, every bit of laugh that i enjoyed;

slaying the smiles and slaughtering my wishes ;

I walked into a homicide ;

strangely none was heading tears, but smiles;

it was the very first time I realised,

that one could be happy, with other one’s sorrow;

breaking away into nothingness,

I just massacred every bit of happiness with a string

And not knowing, years went by when living dead seemed a habit.


Musing and Thoughts

The Mistake

It leaves me wondering,

do i ever exist in their eyes;

of the ones i ever wanted in my life;

invisible I am to them until they need me;

it breaks me every now and then;

poking my inner soul, is the grief, that I do not deserve

doing whatever that gave me happiness, never invoked  smile,

nor a word of appreciation, which i deserved…

it is like my happiness never ever counted in;

like i was invisible to the world around me;

ever since, the agony inflicted, I am burning to death every moment;

like even death never wanted to take me away…

abandoned I was ever since

I knew how to keep myself happier without other’s efforts.

did i conflict their idea of a slave;

even though i was born to be one, in their misconception;

which led me not to fail along in my journey called life.

Mommy musings · Musing and Thoughts

Being Different…

Being different is what caught me lost;
Being different is why i am never being liked…
Being different cost me, my love,
Being different cost me my friendship,
Being different held me captive in my thoughts,
Being different, I was never accepted;
Being different, cost me everything that I loved;
Being different, enslaved me in my fears;
Being different, I was never the one for all ;

Being different, I lost the real me;

Being  different, i was dead every moment; merely breathing

Being different, was my sin.