When memories hit you

Of it hurts, isn’t  it,
Memories when it comes flooding into your heart.
It is like a storm hitting you, from within.
It is not from outside..but from seeing within.
Even though no sharp edges.
It bruises u like none.
Hurting from within, which you cannot heal.
But seal.
It comes so unpredictably,
That even the tears never stop from flowing down.
That’s when, you are broken,.completely, and silently.
#sreepriyawrites #loveandlovealone #memorieshurt

I see the way, you see me

I see the way,
You see me.
And my heartbeats.
In the cadence of yours.
It is the music, I always want to hear..
Something I wana grow old listening to.
I want to lay my ears on your chest.
Listening to you,
That you want to say.
Let the world around us swirl away.
I don’t mind being astray,
As long as I have you in me.
Getting lost in you,
Seems easier than the world around us.
Because you invigorate a beautiful world,
I want to be in, within you…
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #meandyouโค

Years later…they met

Their eyes were locked.
Memories came flooding in their soul.
He stood feet away.
Words were unable to weave into sentences.
Her eyes were the same,
She had the same sparkle.
That made him smile.
And even made him fall in love all the time.
He stood, there unable to move,
Slowly moved ahead grabbing her…
Cupping her face,
She was still beautiful, even the wrinkles never hindered her beauty…
And he was still the same,
They looked into the eyes of each other,
Trying to defeat the thought, that she wants to weep, in his arms.
But all they did was memorize All those uncountable moments they had and the ones they lost being selfless.
#lovepoems #somethingssaidandunsaid

Just you make me happier

Nothing makes me weak in my knees.
As you embrace me unconditionally.
I just melt away like nothing…
Happiness is visible on my face.
And i love the warmth that you bring in your embrace.
I could live for years and years.
Encompassed in your arms.
Just hold on.
And never leave me.
As life apart from you.
Succumbs me to death.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #justforyou

A journey to myself

The roads were vacant.
The wind bustling in my ears.
I felt the world around me, was running away from me…
I tried to hold onto it.
But all i could do was grab nothing.
I felt the gush of air on my fingers.
And the views just rushed across my vision.
I stared to a distant…
Or maybe something near me.
I do not know whether i was looking at it or just lost in my thoughts with my eyes wide open.
And then the things around me. started to get camouflaged with a dark envelope…
I was still hooked up to something unknown.
But nothing registered in my head.
It was like i wasn’t looking at all.
I was lost.
Lost in me and my infinite thought…
#sreepriyawrites #somethingssaidandunsaid #lostinthoughts

Those days…

It is just a normal day…isn’t it?
She could feel the cramps …dressed up to present her work …her face was turning gloomier.. a. A moment ago .the world seemed pretty and she was confident and now..she feels like running away and hide somewhere. The pain increases every now and then, she tried to place a smile on her lips..which looked and felt incomplete… A portion of her mind was raging…another one was weeping… It was hard to balance the emotions in her..she knew it was coming…but what else she could do to stop it..it was regular visitor..who comes ruptures her emotions and sometimes leave her high and sometimes low.
She stood confused and each time she began to feel good…the pain arrived distinguishing each part of her very distinctly.
She knew nothing is gonna matter..her brain was exploding…and there she began to bleed ……
The tumult of emotions in her relaxed for a moment to let her accept the reality….and there again..she was upset for no reason..and sometimes…happy for no reason…
But the world around her thought she was just being aggressive or insane….unable to realize the plight of her emotional ride.


Her D-Day

It was her D – day.
She was embellished in the best of best.
Her smile fascinating everyone around her.
She stood taking her vows for a happy life ahead.
Determined to sacrifice her joy of being at home.
For being just her…
As ..now onwards she will be tagged with a name..not the one with which she was born with.
But then…
Everything changed.
Her hopes and dreams were thrashed…
All they wanted to be was what came along with her…
The ones she believed blindly …becoming family..never even wanted her…but all the earthly pleasures she could bring in…
She was shattered…but never allowed to express it…
She lost everything.
Even her home…
She has pushed away, from everything she loved…
Even when she was silently suffering.
She remained silent, sleeping dead ….days after she became the gorgeous bride…
Her D-day devastated her life.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid #notodowrysystem