Healing takes time

Ever noticed the pain behind the beauty.
The smile that hides the pain.
The pain is like the shards of glass…invisible but pricks you the most.
Healing is a tremendous process.
It comes with a lot of background processes.
No matter what the mess you are in..
Smoke away the pain.
Let it be burnt away.
You may not see those quaint cries.
But in the end, you will see, the strongest smile.
That can fade away the pain in others.
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It’s all a lie

People come to you, telling so many things that just skip away from your brain. Not a word goes into your heart nor your head..it is because it is just a lie…
A sweet lie, that they repeat to obtain your attention..until you give them the odds again to fool around.
They say enormous lies…sweet and bitter..but they never imply anything to you, because they never cared for you when you needed them.
Your heart echoes to you ” its a lie darling”…never trust them again, they are here to hurt you again.
When you hear it, just trust your instincts…
Just walk away.
#lies #walkaway

Melody of love

As you whisper to me.
I could feel my soul lingering in your breath.
The taste of you in me.
Engrained into my soul.
Like a beam of light…
Entering the hollow room…
Enlightening everything within.
Your smile beckons my smile.
Unfinished words landed on your lips.
And perished in the…
Like raindrops on leaves.
Your voice echoed in my depths.
Like a clarinet being played.
The music entices me from within.
And i began to sway in its rhythm…
The rhythm of our love.
Played within me.
And elicited a melody.
That went unheard.
#melodyoflove❤️ #soulconnection #soulrecitals

You are the light

You are the light in my darkness.
As you are around.
I cannot take my eyes off you.
You take my fingers in yours.
Playing with it, as if i am the wind.
Bustling in between those fingers.
As you keep my fingers on your heart.
I can feel the rhythm of it in my palm.
It becomes so easy to resonate with your rhythm.
Like the wind.
You gushed into me.
Thrashing away my pains…
And thrusting my skin upon yours.
Kissing upon my eyelids.
I just don’t wanna miss anything.
Nights and days i wanna stay awake.
To hear your breath.
And wanna be with you until my last breath.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #poemsforhim #dontwannamissathing

I had a thousand things to say…

I had thousands of things to say.
But you never let me finish them.
Hence I pen down, the longest letter for you.
I wished for every moment to last a lifetime when I was with you.
I treasured you within my soul,
You were like the treasure I found deep down the ocean of love when I dived.
Every moment ticked past my memory.
I wished I never lost them.
You were my beginning and my end.
Nothing is easy for me. than just bringing a smile on your face.
I wanna walk every step beside you.
Like you taking me to destiny.
And I just follow your lead.
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