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Content Writer || Emotional Being || Love Nature || Photography || Motherhood|| Being Daughter || Best Friend || Seeker || Motivational Speaker Love To talk about anything and everything under the sky...and even the sky. Nothing beholds me, as I am a free bird with words flowing like endlessly. My poems might take you into another world, where love blooms.

My mirror

The moment  I saw you,
There was a spark,⚡
That just sparkled a piece of me in slumber.
And I saw a reflection,
It was like another piece of me, looking back at me.
But then I realized it was just you.
And you were the missing part of me…
And I could feel the invisible soul tangling within you and me.
You were away from my sight, something glaring hid you from me for so long..
And the moment my eyes struck on you,
I knew I do not want to lose you forever.


Life  gives you all the shit that you want you to shut away from the world.
 But again it’s not easy. 
臘‍♀️Even when you try to walk away, throwing away the last drop of care, it comes back as a gush of water toto soak you in it.
You need to drench in but don’t get soaked in it.☔☔
People want to defeat you, by inviting the weakness in you. Be bold enough to walk away from all the negative things..and enjoy your life.
You need not give a damn about anything.⛄⛄⛄
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The Roles I play👈

The Roles I play🧘🧘🧘

The moment i am up, from then i am playing various characters…don’t know where i am though..Now with. Lockdown, the roles are appearing multiple times, and some times i feel like i am flickering one to another and it’s like amidst the transmission errors…i lose a piece of me here and there…🙆
Mornings – Independent health-minded woman🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ – yea.. the moment i wake up, i am the health-minded person, an independent woman who cares about herself.
Next moment – as i enter the kitchen..i am the Planner 🕵️..- planning the day – just about the food…slowly transitioned into an explorer who is hunting for “what to cook ” for the day…from the jungle called fridge…
Then as soon as i am done taking a walk …i become the COOK. Yea the master chef..of the house.
In between i become a  mom, waking up everyone in the house..serving milk and washing them up…
Then again, the next role pop up – “The maid” 🧚…Here at times, i become even a monster who is scolding when they make dirty too.
The roles then disappear as soon as i login for work.
I become again the ” Independent Woman..”💃💃 this transformed me. Flickering  between a mom and an employee…the emotional transition is hard to carry on.. still worth a try…

The journey continues.👣👣👣
I become mom, a teacher, a friend, the wife, daughter, a lover, a writer, a colleague and again…everything i explained above…

Finally at the end of the day🛌🛌🛌…when i am exhausted..i wish i could be that little girl again.🧑🧑

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Good morning 🌞 – Quote of the day

“ running out of time.”
“Don’t waste my time. “
“Hurry up its time.”
“We have no time left.”
“Oh..i have enough time..i am done.”
Various versions of time in our life..we all have 24 hours, but where do we lose it.
We never lose it, it is all meant to be that way. Time ticks for the best.
All we need to know is how to manage it wisely.
爛Don’t hang in there just relax, time will never let you quit, but encourages us in a different way.

Have a great time!!
#sreepriyawrites #goodmorning #timeisprecious

Back to school – not like the olden days

A new year starts again..but no need for school bags..and no school bus nor the school benches.
No shared lunch
No lunch Gupshups.
Only virtual interactions…
Things are changing..and we are adapting to new technology-oriented classroom sessions.
It all new to all.
Let’s help each other… Be it parents or teachers..or even our kids..let their burdens be reduced with every lil help offered.

A beginning is always with team be the strong member to help our kids.

As a parent, you are going to take up the role of a teacher …guide them and take this opportunity to unlearn the bad and learn many new things.
#sreepriyawrites #backtoschool #newbeginnings #virtualclassrooms

When memories hit you

Of it hurts, isn’t  it,
Memories when it comes flooding into your heart.
It is like a storm hitting you, from within.
It is not from outside..but from seeing within.
Even though no sharp edges.
It bruises u like none.
Hurting from within, which you cannot heal.
But seal.
It comes so unpredictably,
That even the tears never stop from flowing down.
That’s when, you are broken,.completely, and silently.
#sreepriyawrites #loveandlovealone #memorieshurt

I see the way, you see me

I see the way,
You see me.
And my heartbeats.
In the cadence of yours.
It is the music, I always want to hear..
Something I wana grow old listening to.
I want to lay my ears on your chest.
Listening to you,
That you want to say.
Let the world around us swirl away.
I don’t mind being astray,
As long as I have you in me.
Getting lost in you,
Seems easier than the world around us.
Because you invigorate a beautiful world,
I want to be in, within you…
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #meandyou❤