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Stumbling with words…First Step to reading

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It is always interesting to find your lil ones, start reading books. It was just months back, that I used to be reading her books especially the ones with pictures and she used to memorize what I tell and recite in her own way.

It was fun though.

To begin with her reading practice, I brought her the Usborne books.

While my elder one tread through the Sudha Murthy and the Enid Blyton ones. Even though she still loves the Panchathanthra stories. Every night we three ensure to tell at least one story each, by each of us. It was at times tiring, still, we enjoyed sharing every bit of a story.

What do you say, mums, don’t the story time be fun with kids?

Nowadays, when I am with a book, my both kids join me to read just before we are off to bed. Even though I might end up being lazy, I ensure to give at least five minutes of my time to skim through the books.

As my lil one is stumbling on with the words, she is still struggling her way to explore books in her own way. I give her sufficient time to read through every letter before pronouncing it.

We both enjoy it in the same way. Reading out loud like in my childhood days…

As she was reading she just looked up and asked me “Mamma, what is upside down I?”

To my surprise, it did actually grab my attention from what I was reading. But I loved the perspective in which she thought about that.

It was nothing but the very Exclamation Mark (!)

Interestingly her thought process was what sparked me to write this.

We all need to have a different perspective on what we see and pursue. It makes life much easier.

Even though there was spur of serious thought about what she exclaimed,… we all enjoyed it. It indeed gave me a better insight into what actually I need to think and do.

Still, the game of words is on…

awaiting her much more happening explorations …

Happy Mommy Musings !!!

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I surrendered….

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Judged by my smile

I fake on my lips

Judged by the words

I bleed on my paper

Judged by my aspirations

for being selfish

Judged by me silence

for being the weakest

I craved for a freedom

which they claim to be given

yet the keys to the door remain lost

unsettling queries of my mind

that turns chaotic with the stimulations

of the cruel…

I surrendered for none

but my own desire to be caged.

Musing and Thoughts

Grandma’s friend

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Don’t get intrigued by the title. 

It is just a small incident, which is happening quite commonly. And I am just quoting it….

It all just happened one day, when we were all set to pay a visit to my mom’s college mate who was residing in Bangalore, closer to our apartment. My kids got ready and were so excited to go and meet them. As usual after all the dressing up and the hype about going, as we were approaching the apartment, kids started questioning ” Is it mom’s friend or grandmoms? ”  I kept on repeating, that it is grandma’s friend. But seems it was not convincing for them.

It put me to thought why it was not so convincing for them.

But it is true, we all are confining ourselves into smaller circles drifting away from the old friends (with a very few still remaining) and then moving on.

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When we were in schools and colleges, we may have a lot many friends, like uncountable, we enjoy a lot with them, treasuring every moment with them, promising that we all shall meet again. But how many do the same . Especially in ladies case, it is quite not happening. After years spend revolving around the marital and parental responsibilities, we all get to meet up like some oldies get together or maybe mid range 40s meet up.

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When we get married we make a friends circle with hubby’s friends and family. When we have kids, we make a friends circle with our kid’s friends parents. This cycle keeps on moving, and our friends do the same, a few like me are exemption who in spite of finding no time to do anything, keeps reminding a few friends that I am still here around and hope you remember me .. 😛 ( the blessing of social media though).

Everyone drift away after one point …and we have to just move on. It is hard at times, when we crave an old-time conversation, a bite to share , am afternoon under the trees talking all nonsense or even just walk around the market window shopping ….o just do nothing but remind ourselves we are still the same old girls who met and spend time together on the campus in spite of the studies.

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Memories flood in, as I recollect those days with my friends, unable to bring them back makes me sullener.  But past is at times a memorable one to recollect. Some friends remain the same, some turn strangers and some just turn numb. It is hard to be in this world, where emotions are getting dried away. One day we all are going to be barren lands which need watering.

—–This is in memory of all my beloved friends, whom I miss. 

  And to those, who are still in my phone book, you are my sweethearts, as you are always with me, even when miles away…

And who is still away, I am still here waiting.

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Chronicles of a Just born 34

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Stepping into 30 was scary for me, as everybody gave a big hype about it in the earlier times. I still don’t feel like I am growing older, as I am still the same in the depth of my heart – Noisy, Lost and Childish.

It thought with age… I would grow better .. it is more intimidating for the rest, that I am not changing I believe. Hope They get used to that sooner.

The sooner the better.

Unlike others, I am never overwhelmed getting older, but all the more excited. For me, every day is a bonus – to achieve something I always dreamt of.

I try my best to get equipped with the ‘AGE’ thing, but as soon as the bday is over, I am back to my own realms of thought which nevertheless did grow.

Yet I am running in my 30s..

with all the confusions that likely I must solve on my own. Life is getting on another ride, with an unpredictable tomorrow or even just the next moments.. Still, I am gonna take it up. (anyways no other choice) .

As always:

NO Goals !!

No Pre-occupied thoughts !!

No specific resolutions !!

All I am going to dos i “Just Breathe”, I guess its enough for me to survive my journey. I will just fold my legs and sit and witness my angels grow up and start dealing with what all I just did and going to deal with in the future – may be a different way.

Am all set for my journey towards 40 😛

—–Chronicles of a just born 34



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Extinct or Extent


Extensions of my due here

on earth never impressed me

all I ever wanted to be

was never to be extinct in one’s life

to be in everlasting love,

imagining to the core

engulfed by thoughts that

brings on my hormones to dance on…

an invincible life

that is grudged to the core

emotions that swirl across me

like the oceanic waves

bringing me the treasure underneath

unrevealing the secrets to me

as I remain the only one to receive it fully.