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I am the destination, you want at the end of your quest


As I walk down the aisle,

I want my eyes to focus on you,

as you are my world, beyond my imagination…

you give me the happiness, that I do not find anywhere else…

you polish my shortcomings and make them shine like diamonds

your thoughts, magnify my thoughts…

the way you come closer to me, the heat from you..

just melts me away like the candle in its warmth…

sometimes, all I want you to do is burn me down…

and so I just remain in with you…





To destiny, I know

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Time became,

like the sand in the wind…

leaving me amidst the chaos,

with nothing but just me…

I remained, there…

awaiting to commence my journey,

to nowhere, but somewhere, you want me to find you…

as I only knew one destination, that just awaits me…

which is only you….

I set my journey, to finish the unfinished…

to become what you want me to be…

to be what I always wanted to be – JuST Yours…

To complete our story, which is incomplete without you.



As we part our ways

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Unbiased is my anger,

when i think about you and me…

I get angry and even beat up our souls, evenly

hurting you and me the way, you can never imagine…

neither do I…

still, my eyes betray me,

and shed those hidden gems from my eyes…

melting away your hatred, which is caused by me…

and together we kiss away the pain,

every second, my thoughts resurrecting the pain,

that is arising from our separation…

unable to understand the true cause,

why this is happening,

we just part away.






Just So Happy when I saw this pop out on my screen.

7th Anniversary with WordPress || WordPress Blog anniversay || Soulrecitals

I still remember the time I began to write, I was just imperfect when i began.. still working on my imperfections not to reach out to other’s expectations, but just mine. I began to write when I felt, I was missing out something in my life- the vibe for living.

Like any other new mother, I also dealt with depressions, stress, and much more. But then I diagnosed my own ways to work on it. I wanted my mind to shake hands with peacefulness and all i wanted was mindfulness. Thanks to my numerous friends who encouraged me to write more and more, when I was not even good at it.

Passion turned profession

Now I am happy, I began to write. Now that I took up my profession as a Writer, which is my passion itself. It helps me in a great way. It is sometimes important to fall multiple times, before we rise. It just helps in a great deal.

So folks, never think that you are on a diversion from what you were doing when you end up doing things that you never expected. In the end, you end up doing what you are supposed to do. So CHILL !!


All these years, writing my way out was not so easy. People judged me, misjudged me, expected a lot, criticized, loved, romanticized and much more. Yet, I moved on with my journey. It was just my yearnest desire that led me mostly.

When I was low, I wrote..

When I was upset, I wrote..

When I was happy, I wrote..

When I needed motivation, I wrote..

When I was lost, I wrote..

When I was in love, I wrote..

When i was in Chaos, I wrote…

All I did was write, write and write more….

It was like a silent prayer to my inner soul, to work on me..

And yes, I am still doing the same.





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The wound lets the light to the inside

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A time there was,

when i was broken enough

not to be mended by any chance;

away was my soul,

treading far away from within me,

to destinations unknown

searching for the ones, whom I craved for,

neglecting the ones who were just a breath away,

finally, the wounds cracked open to let the light in,

into the deepest corners of my heart;

enlightening my thoughts;

finally to accept the ones, who held me closer,

when I was terrible.