She fades away..

Toiling every day,
She was fading away slowly and steadily.
She paved the way for all.
But none noticed she was all fading away.
Unseen were her challenges.
Unseen were her sorrows.
Her constant struggle within her..remained silent.
Hidden from the outside world.
Traversing through hurdles, she acclaimed her dreams.
But then,
She lost her favorite people amidst the haste
Not knowing where did she go wrong.
Was it her fault.
Or was it her loved ones.
Did they abandon her, on her journey
Or did they let her walk away…
She stood, at her victory.
Alone and devastated.
None to share her joy with.
She knew if she would have sacrificed.
Then the world would have been different.
She knew,
And she stood silently watching her world fade away.

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Second chances

Do we even look at it, worth giving a try?
Imagine a bird, who is locked up in its cage for a long time. And then suddenly, one fine day, its door is open and left open…
Will it be scared to take the flight?
Happy being inside the cage, as it offers the safety it gets.
Or is it going through a dilema..whether to fly or not.?

Some people, go through the same stage..when they arrive at second chances. After years of suppressing their desires, giving up their dreams at just one stroke, suddenly when they get a chance..they do not know they should take up or not…their mind gets clouded

For a woman, a second chance means a lot..but when she loses her will to pursue, she needs someone to assure her fully that everything will be taken care of, and take away the burden from her thoughts…She needs that sort of comforting words. It is not easy for her too, but never let her give up.

Give her a second chance.
A chance to gather what she lost once. Not all men can do the support, only the men who truly consider that her dreams are equivalent to his can. It is too heavy for a narrow-minded man to gather the courage to let her go to pursue her dreams.

Be the man, she desire, who values her as who she is.
#secondchances #pursuedreams #betheman

Don’t typecast

Girls are not someones lucky charm of somethings that people assume. If she wants to stay fit and fine or dress up or may just enjoy being herself or pursue what she likes, it’s her choice. She is not doing kt to grab attention or show someone she is good. It might be her personal choice.  Respect her as an individual, she is not any guys lucky charm or anything like a jewel to be flaunted.
She does whatever she likes to feel confident about. So respect her for what she is not something…like whom she belongs to.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #beingher #respecther

Being her

She was stoned for being different.
Blamed being a different shade. …
All she did was she fell in love with life with everything she saw..
She cherished every moment, without judging it to be right or wrong.
She was never in her tribe, but with the wanderers…
As they showed her the dreams, she wanted.
Her tribe unwelcomed her, every time.
Hence she became, what she actually wants.
She was a free bird.
But chained to the soil, for all unwanted reasons…
Her tribe was jealous of her freedom,
And she was caged again.
Gluing her to the deeply rooted illusions of life.
And there she remained.
Greying until death…

#sreepriyawrites #herstory #cagedwoman #cagedmind #freespirit

Look at the bright side

When you feel that your time is going bad, just think of the bright side. If you have a job, family, can smile even for a moment, have food at least a bite to share, or even for you to eat, a shelter to sleep in, then you are always on the better side.
Don’t lose hope, when you are on a have miles to walk before you give up.
Live the moment, stop complaining.
#sreepriyawrites #goodmorning #nevergiveup #lookonthebrightside