You are the light

You are the light in my darkness.
As you are around.
I cannot take my eyes off you.
You take my fingers in yours.
Playing with it, as if i am the wind.
Bustling in between those fingers.
As you keep my fingers on your heart.
I can feel the rhythm of it in my palm.
It becomes so easy to resonate with your rhythm.
Like the wind.
You gushed into me.
Thrashing away my pains…
And thrusting my skin upon yours.
Kissing upon my eyelids.
I just don’t wanna miss anything.
Nights and days i wanna stay awake.
To hear your breath.
And wanna be with you until my last breath.
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I had a thousand things to say…

I had thousands of things to say.
But you never let me finish them.
Hence I pen down, the longest letter for you.
I wished for every moment to last a lifetime when I was with you.
I treasured you within my soul,
You were like the treasure I found deep down the ocean of love when I dived.
Every moment ticked past my memory.
I wished I never lost them.
You were my beginning and my end.
Nothing is easy for me. than just bringing a smile on your face.
I wanna walk every step beside you.
Like you taking me to destiny.
And I just follow your lead.
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The weight we need to shed

We all are weighed upon by so many unwanted emotions like attachment, expectations, pain, success, and much more. We keep on increasing the burden day by day..minute by minute. We just know to increase it, but not to decrease it.
From childhood, we start taking the burden of expectation to reach the top position…we keep on carrying it until death.
Then in relationships, we start the weight of expectations..and it never lessens even with time..we weigh the other as we take the same weight upon us.
Until death, there is no reduction in the weight of it.
At times we weigh ourselves with pride, which with time falls and break down bringing us to ground zero…
But the rest remains, even with plenty of ups and downs.
The weight remains with us until we are on the deathbed.
It is then, we release the weight of it to travel to another space.
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I walked with the wind

As I walked.
I could hear the whisper of the wind in my ears.
It was like a calling.
An inner world calling out.
I walked fast past the walls, which refrained me for long.
It was like I was leaving behind many things.
Walking down the road,
I never turned back.
As I knew I had nothing to hold on.
Everything let me loose.
And I just walked untangled by my inhibitions.
Towards a dream.
That was constantly pulling me.
My only companion was the wind.
It was bustling the melody of freedom…
And I smiled from within.
My eyes glowing and my feet firmly on the ground.
It was not a dream.
It’s the dream that came true.
And I walked into my destiny…
The world I longed for…
Ever since I knew to dream.
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Why are students committing suicide?

Do you know why students suicide?
With the results out, we know the number of suicides is gonna spike soon. Be it school result or college or be it anything.
Nowadays most of the kids tend to end their life.
Do you know why they do it?
It is because of you, who burden them with the expectations. You never give them a chance, when failure happens. You tend o burden them and criticize them for the failure…you forget that failure is quite normal. We all are not born geniuses we gain knowledge gradually, given time, space, and patience.
The very first time you criticize your child for their failure, you have already pushed your child into the hands of suicide.
The child’s mind is too brittle to understand, they become worried that failing is a sin.
What do you need to do?
Do not create hype upon failures. Make the child understand that failures give you a second chance to win over and do it rightly.

Give them the right guidance, not the rope to suicide.
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