What’s wrong when men help in the household?

What’s wrong if men do household?

Many women, yes you heard it right women itself term ‘other woman’ whose husband helps her in household work as the ‘bad woman’ for treating her husband like that.
Are we laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle where there is a balancing of work among men and women…?

Still, this blame game remains.

What is wrong in men helping their wives or even his mom in the household, does that harm his manhood.

It might be his good heart, that he enjoys helping them all the time. Do not tag the woman who makes her husband help her with household or even childcare as a bitch or the man as his wife’s slave.
It takes a great deal for men in our society to do such tasks, appreciate their role in upbringing a strong foundation of equality among genders.

Appreciate even the tiniest effort.
It does make a big difference.
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She fades away..

Toiling every day,
She was fading away slowly and steadily.
She paved the way for all.
But none noticed she was all fading away.
Unseen were her challenges.
Unseen were her sorrows.
Her constant struggle within her..remained silent.
Hidden from the outside world.
Traversing through hurdles, she acclaimed her dreams.
But then,
She lost her favorite people amidst the haste
Not knowing where did she go wrong.
Was it her fault.
Or was it her loved ones.
Did they abandon her, on her journey
Or did they let her walk away…
She stood, at her victory.
Alone and devastated.
None to share her joy with.
She knew if she would have sacrificed.
Then the world would have been different.
She knew,
And she stood silently watching her world fade away.

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Second chances

Do we even look at it, worth giving a try?
Imagine a bird, who is locked up in its cage for a long time. And then suddenly, one fine day, its door is open and left open…
Will it be scared to take the flight?
Happy being inside the cage, as it offers the safety it gets.
Or is it going through a dilema..whether to fly or not.?

Some people, go through the same stage..when they arrive at second chances. After years of suppressing their desires, giving up their dreams at just one stroke, suddenly when they get a chance..they do not know they should take up or not…their mind gets clouded

For a woman, a second chance means a lot..but when she loses her will to pursue, she needs someone to assure her fully that everything will be taken care of, and take away the burden from her thoughts…She needs that sort of comforting words. It is not easy for her too, but never let her give up.

Give her a second chance.
A chance to gather what she lost once. Not all men can do the support, only the men who truly consider that her dreams are equivalent to his can. It is too heavy for a narrow-minded man to gather the courage to let her go to pursue her dreams.

Be the man, she desire, who values her as who she is.
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Don’t typecast

Girls are not someones lucky charm of somethings that people assume. If she wants to stay fit and fine or dress up or may just enjoy being herself or pursue what she likes, it’s her choice. She is not doing kt to grab attention or show someone she is good. It might be her personal choice.  Respect her as an individual, she is not any guys lucky charm or anything like a jewel to be flaunted.
She does whatever she likes to feel confident about. So respect her for what she is not something…like whom she belongs to.
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Be a listener to your child too

Forget a lot many dreams, what about just one dream, how a normal, average family can fulfill just one of her random wishes.

When I watched the movie “KAPPELA” (Malayalam), it triggered my thoughts. How a girl from a small town comes to a city just to meet a stranger. Strangely she confesses her dreams to an unknown person and only her friend to see a beach. And then she ends up in troubles unimaginable.

Why couldn’t she even ask her parents?

Why she had to even depend on a guy from outside or someone, not her family?

The movie also portrays the scene when the father beats up the little sister, without even asking her an explanation, assuming that she did wrong. Does really beating up, bring up the right kind of well-behaved, girl child. No, you can also instill trust in them, a feeling that no matter what, happens, their parents are strong enough to support them.

Why does a little baby, clings to their mother, all the time, because it trusts the mother. A caregiving hand, which protects her, the baby can even blindly cling to its mom, no matter what happens, because it knows, that protection is intact.  But as it grows up, the child loses that grip with the parents, when it was abandoned even once for a single moment knowingly or unknowingly.

Restore that trust in your child, else you lose them.

Is it a mistake or a strict parenting method?

I do not know. But I feel that it is important for families to give space to their kids to explain their dreams, desires, and needs. Else kids have a tendency to walk to a stranger, who might be a danger or a blessing.

It is not about a city or town, parents who are so glued to their work-life forget that their children for whom they are brooding all the money for, also want them to talk to them and share some time with them.

We can see parents are mostly hardworking and spending each penny carefully, but they are too strict with the kids that make them much more vulnerable. Parents assume that being strict is good, but sometimes, they need to place themselves in their kid’s minds and see what they might need from you.

Some parents, they beat up the girl child, for just talking to boys. Talking never harms or causes any problem, but the child begins to wonder why she was beaten up for doing nothing. This gets rooted in her mind. And since the human mind is more inclined to do wrong things (labeled by society), they tend to do it much more to agitate their anger and frustration.

The child becomes secluded and stops sharing even the tiniest desire they have because they are scared of being judged or scolded or even punished. They start to hide, as their tiniest desires are never being heard and then begins the time when they find their own way out.

Parenting is hard and complicated. , but not impossible.

Be the parent who can help the child open up to you than anyone else. Be the friend who they need and want.

Most of the girls tend to be quiet and start to hide everything from the parents, when they feel that they are judged.  Be the one who listens to her dream or even walks with her to fulfill it. We may not know what things pop up in life, but always, be a good listener. Listen to your child’s argument before jumping into the conclusion. Open up for a healthy discussion- means a clear wheel of conversation wherein you just don’t talk alone but discuss and let the other person put in their share of words too.

Your child may be small, but learn to give your ear to them. Once ignored, they are never going to back.