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I never learned to bad I did not get to enjoy this wonderful thing in my life. But now I did.

Was typically scared i can say. Once when i was a kid..while learning fell off from a cycle…after that for some or the other reason, i ran away from the cycle..and gradually i started hating it (blame my human part ). I remember when i was in Infosys, there were so many cycles and i was the only odd one out who could not cycle… I didn’t even dare to try because i was scared of being mocked……years went by and every time there came a situation when i had to cycle..i ran away.
Now after years when we brought this cycle yesterday..some kind of inner conscience hit me. Because i personally used to encourage my daughters, as i was never encouraged for it. And yesterday i was standing beside it being scared a lil. Finally, i decided to conquer my fears. I loved it when my daughter said..mamma no worries, i will help you learn.. later when i began to pedal…i could see the joy in their face. It was something I could do anything for.

Today again we three went cycling and I was glad i could cycle with them.

Sometimes all you need is a lil push upon yourself to do something you thought you would never do.

Romance and Musings

Hid their love beneath their skin

There was never a moment when they were apart. They roamed together, ate together, held each other every moment.
But one fine day, things started to fall apart.
Their world split into pieces, where each fell apart. The trust, the connection, and even the love they had.
What took them away, was nothing, but the world that they adored so much.
All they wished was the world to accept them…
but in turn, the world split them…
both hearts ached a lot and was thrown apart.
never to meet, as they were bounded by promises they made to the ones, who never treasured them being together.
Now they tread along, the silence of the world, unknown of the pain, they endorsed each other.
Never to be together again…
Hiding the love beneath their skin, adorning the scars the world gifted them.

Romance and Musings

People are scared of the word Feminism- lets us see what it is

Interestingly not just half, the majority dont understand what feminism is.
The first thing that comes to their mind is that women want superiority..but it’s not just about women..but equal opportunity for both sexes.

It is hard as they shut their ears and become deaf as they never want to hear it. Those are the people who are the poison to society. They are reluctant to change their mind and blame society for progress.

They shut their eyes and call the world is dark. The hard part is that they learn it only the hard way.
Don’t know what to call such beings, but i feel ashamed for living among such ones.

They hardly know what it means to be standing strong and accepting facts. All they know is to shut themselves in the darkest corner and blame the world.

It is high time they open up their mind.

Build a healthy society. Give equal opportunity for all sexes irrespective of gender.

Evaluate a person for the quality of work, not on gender.
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Romance and Musings

Feminist Man bring up the best daughters

Series of inspiring movies…and what’s the best part of it?
Each movie speaks of brave women who have done great things. And in almost all these stories i found a great man, the father who is the backbone of every girl. Yes all these stories though depict the story of brave women, all these have in common is a feminist father or a man who stands behind her to push her to do the right thing, when everything else in the world condemns her or pushes her aside.

It is hard to find such men who actually can uphold a woman’s dream wholeheartedly. It takes great courage to be such a great man. And mostly only a father can be that man in most of the cases. For them, their daughters are great warriors. Only a father cannot see tears in the eyes of his daughter.
And truly such daughters are blessed.
But yes, we have the other worst side of the coin, wherein women are just entitled to do what the society decides. Never push your daughters into that dungeon, you are losing a real gem or a future that will make you proud.
Be that man, who supports feminism and is proud to stand beside the woman who is strong enough like you.

Like in the movie Pangaa, the lady is supported by her lil son and her husband.  When in the society it’s mostly the other way round. It is the girl who has to give up on her dreams.
For once, dream for your daughter, for your wife, for your sister, and for your mother or grandmother. They have given you enough, now give them space and opportunity to grow.

Let there be a saying ” behind every successful woman is a strong man”.

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I became yours forever

Like a memory to ponder…

you keep me wonder.

as you hold me closer.

i just skip a heartbeat…

you are like the moment to hold…

With my eyes shut forever

as your skin brush up on mine..

i sealed my eyes, to exist that very moment…

to let my skin remember your touch forever.

the fragrance of your fingers lingered in the strands of my hair.

like the waves colliding on the beach sand…

you nourished my soul…

I became yours forever.