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Effective ways to cope failure in life

Woman's failure thoughts
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Have you ever thought about being a failure in life?

It is indeed quite a burdening thought when it comes to life. It makes us feel like we are true burdens for others. A moment which shatters all the smiles around us. Mostly it happens as a result of postpartum depression or sometimes when we are stressed a lot.

Stress, to mind, is like cocaine to the brain, it brightens the illusions in our mind, causing us to forcefully think of being an utter waste in life. It is hard to digest sometimes, that even the healthy-looking person can be infected by such thoughts.

Anyways, there are no easy escapes, but quite a few tried and tested ones by myself and few I have always observed in others.

First of all, why do we get such a feeling of being a failure?

It is quite easy,

1.Firstly we always see ourselves, through the eyes of others.
2.Secondly, we judge our own capability.
3.Thirdly we assume we cannot do it or even try anything.
4.Finally, we suppress ourselves under a fear unknown.

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So, you see, it’s not an uncommon thing, everyone has a bit of this in them. You might assume that the successful ones are those who are not affected, but it is not right. They are successful because they fight these tiny demons in them and we, on the other hand, let the demon overpower us.

The sense of being a failure, is quite common in mothers, as the so-called expert mothers -who brand themselves as experts -downgrade the others. Actually it would be better to think none of us is perfect – actually, the children are perfect themselves. Again I am not blaming mothers, I just mentioned that when kids make it easier, parenting just eases and eventually streamline other activities.

When one woman has to undergo the change from a girl to a mother, she is quite surprised as well as alert. She becomes unsure about things related to her and as well as the baby. Giving them sufficient time would be ideal. God didn’t choose randomly for women to be mothers – they are actually crafted for the same, so any woman irrespective of age – turns into a mother when these hormonal changes happen.

Now how do we go about dealing with such negative feelings?

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Again it is not easy as pie. One needs to focus on many tiny aspects to bring out a big change. Some practices can make you actually feel good.

  1.   Keep yourself busy.
    2. Keep away from conversation wherein you are sure to be pinpointed. As those who pinpoint just enjoy doing it, irrespective of you being the “centre of attraction”.
    3. Better to do give yourself a break and take up “me time”.
    4. Being a mother is not the first thing happening in the universe, you are just among one in many, hence don’t stress, we all learn from mistakes.
    5.  Accept criticism positively, some are actually an eye opener, again depends on whom you are giving your ears too.
    6.  Take things slowly, give yourself time – we are not born Micheal Jackson to dance away easily.
    7.  Accept failures, there is nothing wrong in it.
    8.  Never give up.
    9.  Keep trying
    10. Keep trying…
    Again, just to put it clearly, I am not an expert too, but all I do is keep looping in the last point in my article – “keep trying “.

All the best to everyone, who are keeping up well and best of luck to all those who want to succeed in life. Every small tiny step counts, so take it – let it lead you to success that none foresee you can ever accomplish.

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Why not be strong for a while???

Her sorrows overshadowed her thoughts

her tears were uncontrollably drenching her cheeks

as she wiped her tears …

in the distance

there was a light …brighter than the stars

taken by surprise .. she walked towards it

the light began to move

taking her to the distant…to her dreams

she walked shedding her fears and sorrow

the light enlightening her soul

enchanting her soul

walked her through the thick and thin

as she walked by alone to her destiny

the rest followed her …

for them, she became the star…

that led them to their dreams

but for her ….as she moved on…she realized 

she was following her instincts 

for a better tomorrow.


At every point of life..when one loses their confidence, just close your eyes

and relax… there is enough hope in our conscience that can lead us to the right place.  



A day in a WFH Mother

Day dawns

It is just early morning 5:30 am and My day starts with an alarm ringing in my ears at least four times. Wondering why four times …Yes, the answer is am quite lazy hence to wake up at 5:30 AM my alarm starts ringing from 5:20- next at 5:24 next at 5:26 and then finally 5:30. It’s when I push myself out of the bed with great struggle.

With a dangling soul that is still pulled by the gravity of the bed, I walk towards my chores awaiting. I quickly brush my teeth and answer my natures call. Finally off to the kitchen to make tea. As the tea boils its way being lost in thoughts about when will I start my work which I left pending at night. Finally confessing to myself and deciding Iw ill start off once all are off to work and school.  I finish all the cooking and then the struggle of waking up my toddler and getting her ready for school.

Once the whole world goes upside down, I finally get everyone driven to work and school. Finally leaving an extremely exhausted and drowsy me. Now it is time to start my work and here am lingering on the sofa and tables as if I had been out for a mountaineering.

Then suddenly there is a spark, off to work, and I open up my laptop to finish my work.Little did I start to research and start off to pen down the article, there comes another call – yes it’s time to pick my kid. Responsibility calls cannot be neglected. Hence I run to the bus stop to take her home.

Even back home, struggling to feed and put her to rest continues, which undoubtedly fail and am back to zero- Pending work, hyperactive kid beside and another add-on is cooking for the night.  The danger of  No Compromises keeps dangling on my head, which keeps poking me at times reminding my ROLE – A Mother-HOMEMAKER-WFH.

Again repeating the tasks for my elder ones, who gives me the little relief for an hour or so, as I  cured their hunger and given them time to play. That is when I get to work again. After all the acceptance of the demands that my kids make – going to park, walking , playing etc. etc. which are a part of their never ending list.

By 6, it is prayer time and time to cook again. The day is almost gone out of my hand. Never knew that time was quirky enough to trouble me. A troublesome day s getting over and so far accomplished only one thing completely that is taking care of my home. The rest all are getting rusted.

Finally after dinner all off to bed – which is again a cumbersome task for me. I start to work, all worn out, tired, weary and what not.My eyes never let me read, let me sleep and the brain wants me to be awake for my pending works.

In the end,  I end up doing my work which was supposed to be submitted at an earlier time. Leaving me all tired, upset and struggling with emotions. I end up sleeping hoping for a better tomorrow.

Yet there is always the sunshine after the dark clouds, I wait for the Sunshine that will arrive in my life. Even with all these, I enjoy working from home as it gives me the precious gift – Being with my family always.Even if am a messy, inefficient in managing my time – in the end am  Working From Home MOM.