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Does Menstrual cup get lost in the vagina?

Dont worry, Menstrual cup did not get lost in the vagina.. as for me.

Like all others, even I was using sanitary pads ever since I had periods, hence was indeed reluctant to try something new. Even when the pads used to quite itchy to my tender skin, i used to continue using the same. I remember once in Swiss, i had to use Tampons, but that itself was a hard task for me. It took me half an hour to find the holes :P.

Trust me… until then, I never knew, we females have such a complicated body. Imagine hours spend inside the toilet, just to find the hole to insert the menstrual cup took up my patience.

So Why I began to use Menstrual cup?

Not long ago, yea just years before I knew this menstrual cup ever existed through my mom and so many women bloggers and vloggers who have shared so many informative things. But thanks to my laziness, I never bothered to try it until last year. I ended up buying a menstrual cup, which looked too big for me. I kept looking at its size, wondering, how I will fit it inside my body.

And Like always, I just ended up dumping it in my cupboard, because of my lack of patience and more like a reluctance to let something foreign enter my body. Months went by and i brought one more menstrual cup, assuming that I was wrong about the size I purchased, but again did not use it at all.

Finally, my bestie, who comes as a saviour in all the situation came up suddenly, like a lightning and explained to me and shared her joy of using the menstrual cup. And yes, her words are like words from heaven for me. So I decided to give a try again. And this time a lil wholeheartedly.

After a long discussion with her and burdening her with all my silly thoughts which she patiently answers always, I brought another menstrual cup ( same as hers, just to ensure I don’t fail this time ).

Before the periods arrived I sat with my mom, discussing the pros and cons of the same. And yes pros were indeed weighing higher. We belong to a small village in Kerala, hence waste management is not that prominent, and, these sanitary pads, i had to burn in the backyard which was never a good thing to do. So mostly I was little reluctant to travel to my hometown these days. And even here in Bangalore, it is not easy, I felt, hence decided to give a try for no waste menstrual time. This again affirmed my thoughts on using Menstrual cup.

Finally, Day Arrived.

Since it was the first time, I had to mentally prepare my self. I went in with the cup and decided to give a try. First, two-three attempts went in vain, as my mind was repelling and hence my body. Almost one moment I was about to give up and use the sanitary pad again.. but then I decided to give a final try.

And yea Eureka. !!!! I did it.

It was comfortably inserted into my vagina… And I was comfortable better than I expected. I just came out of the bathroom and immediately message my bestie lot many thanks.

So Now the hurdle time :

Insertion drama over, now how to remove was yet another though stirring my mind. But actually, it wasn’t hard as I expected it should be. Moreover, my mind wanted to push it out sooner than getting it inside.

Later my first day went well. The next day since the flow was higher, i had to be careful, but I did spill it when i took it out. Hence if you are trying for the first time, ensure that you change the cup multiple times when you have a heavy flow.

Minimum 4-5 hours is ideal, it is better to change and wash and then use again after a couple of hours.

At first, it was indeed difficult for me to even going to the toilet, but then gradually I was comfortable and used to. Now I can say, I am living with it. With the second period cycle, I was so comfy, that I do it with lightning speed.

So here are a few things that I felt, it is important to share with you all ladies :

  1. You might not get it in the first attempt.
  2. Never give up, it is not rocket science.
  3. The cup is not going to get vanished into the vagina ..so chill.
  4. Use the right cup that suits you, hence buy it carefully. I would recommend U shaped ones, as they are ideal to lock in when inserting.
  5. No leakage .. so it’s perfect. hence no stain on panties. ( something I worry a lot) . Yes, I did use a sanitary pad, for a couple of times, but then now I guess I don’t need them now.
  6. I could sleep peacefully at night, as no worries of overflowing.
  7. For Some the stem might be prickly, in that case , read that you can trim it too to suit your need.
  8. Going to the loo, won’t be a problem, Do give a try.
  9. Make sure, you clean it with warm water well.
  10. When it comes to folding the menstrual cup, for me the C folding didn’t work, hence I recommend.
This Is Exactly How You Should Be Folding Your Menstrual Cup | Bloom

10. Have loads of patience with the first try . And it’s not dirty, it’s hygienic. Think it that way before you use.

I hope this will help you.

A change is inevitable, when you can see, that it is ideal for you and nature. So never hesitate on the same. 

Reference links :

How to use

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Period leaves -A Taboo to Honour

Recent news on the viral is the Indian food delivery company Zomato offering period leaves. Interestingly this is something that is catching the wide attention all around the world. Even the NYTimes also reported about the news saying –Company’s Paid Leave for Periods Takes On a Workplace Taboo.

Indeed things are changing and that is a positive aspect to know.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Gone are the days when periods were something unspeakable. Even the girls “shush” among themselves, as if the other girl is unknown to it. I even recollect moments when the girls shy away from conveying about periods to their friends who were boys. In those days(period days), they stick around their girlfriends just to ensure that they have someone to ask, whether they have not stained on their dress. (indeed they cant ask the guys to stare on their back and ask them whether they see any stains) . Yet, we are still not reached that stages, it won’t be that long. Anyways it’s no big deal to ask if the guy is the best friend you have.

Periods are not some taboo aspect, that we need to hesitate from speaking. Most of the girls hide around or just disappear in those days. And the periods become the secret talk of the town. Let’s not shy away from the fact that visits us every month without a prior notice too..

And the mood swings that accompany it, that is something unbearable. Some women are super angry, irritated , depressed ,or even horny at that moment. Trust me, those are just uncontrollable emotions and we just need to let it flow with ease than constraining them. Mood swings are just common – of course because we are humans.

Yet another factor , that might not be visible to all is the breaking bone pains, that comes along with it. It sometimes feels like our body is broken down into two pieces, explicitly from the middle, because it aches like hell. If I was not at work, you would find me dumped in the corner of my room with a hot water bag, which is indeed not very helping all the time.

Most of the women I work with , deals with a wide variety of menstrual pains ranging from small to big and even causing many to faint at times. And what do we get reports as -“fatigue” and stress. Now we do not need all these excuses to apply leaves, because Period leaves are there. Isn’t that the best part. But again women need to be bold enough to say that rather than shy away. There should be no shame or stigma around these period leaves and women should boldly take the leave.

So Women be bold and do not hold back . There is no shame in having periods. In fact we should be proud of it.

Embrace it with pride.