“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

il_fullxfull_2243127651Today morning all of a sudden I felt like listening  to ” Raat kali ek khwab mein aayi ..” , I always loved Kishore Kumar ‘s songs. I remember during my good old college days , myself and my best friend used to go around singing those songs . We both had the same interests , she used to collect those songs for me , and I always treasure it.

The lyrics of old Hindi songs are just superb. Where words doesn’t come out , music helps , tats true.Sometimes when I find it difficult to get words in to my mind.. these songs helps me.Whenever I hear a song , it always has a connection to my life . It reminds me of places , people, incidents and many more.

Music always helped me to study , it helps me to concentrate . I love to dance to  lovely songs . And now I see my lovely lil daughter dancing to music.Its so lovely to see her dance to music and taking a bow after her dance.Music has no ages , anybody who can hear it , just enjoys.

“There are only…

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

I always believe in miracles , that is the best part in life. When you expect a lot in life , even if you get a portion done , you feel its not enough. But getting something unexpectedly doubles your joy and you start feeling it valuable .   

Snow Snow Snow

One fine day early morning when I got up I was expecting a clean and clear day , but see what I got to see – all white . It was like somebody painted my surroundings with white paint. The trees looked like they have white flowers on them. Those white flowers  reminded me  of my mom’s craft work , where she used to make small flowers with thermocol.

Snow covered roofs and snow covered cars , it all looks so beautiful. Like kids I waited for so long to see this. And myself and nandooty enjoys the snow. But am little bit scared because I have a very bad habit of slipping off , but luckily till now nothing happened.

Still …

I am in love with snow.

When I see kids enjoying all around in snow throwing snowballs at each other , making snowman , wow its such a wonderful time of the year. Snow covered mountains, houses , benches , trees , leaves.

Every season has its own beauty. The year we reached in Basel , we were welcomed with snowfalls., but we couldn’t enjoy it very well.

As a kid I used to think about how it will be to have  a snowy Christmas, and it came to a reality when we came here. Thanks to my husband Ajay for making my dream to a reality.


Starting trouble !!

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A starting trouble, thinking about what to write… A lot of thoughts flashed in my mind when I thought to write that everything is beautiful and the best part of my life. I cannot imagine living without them. Then my heart said as always when you start to pen down God will lead you to what you want. Yes, God has led me to everything that happened in my life and will always be there as a guiding force. God has come in different forms in my life and the best of all is my sweet lil daughter, Nandana. As her name means “Contributor to happiness”, yes she is the soul of our family’s happiness. When I announced the good news about her arrival, everything changed for me or I can say everything looked different for me. I love to see her grow every day and every minute. I don’t want to be a mom who is invading into her life but someone who is lovingly invited into her life as a friend, a companion, a mentor and overall a mother. The way I see and understand her in all possible way, she too understands me through my words, my gestures and  I am loving it.

Sreepriya Menon

Making an imprint of me here before I turn into ashes….

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