Romance and Musings

Blanketed under you is my safest place


It was a peaceful morning
with the sea breeze tantalizing​ our soul
I sat beside you, cuddled in your arms
overlooking the sea that was roaring
splashing​ its waves on the rocks near us
the water droplets that hit the rock fell on us
You held me tightly as if protecting me from the sea
I could feel the heart beat faster, as the wave raised above
I knew you would never leave me apart and go away
the way you held me, I could feel the love that you showered on me
Your arms were the safest place I could live
The strong hands kept pressing on to me
and I could feel your breath on my neck
the rocks were cool, but I was warm with your presence
the wind was tickling me and my hair was flowing in the air
as I watched the sun doing deep into the sea
it reminded me of the times when you are deep into me
it was like the sun was in love with the sea
hiding under the blanket of the waves, the sun went to sleep
like I slip under your arms to peacefully sleep
being caressed​ in your arms is always my safest nesting place.

Romance and Musings

The magic of love

The magic begins, when you are with me

the magic of love, when you touch me

the way you behold me in your arms

igniting the very inner senses in my body

the warmth of your soul

that heats up my mortal part

my body seemed to move along with yours

it is like the movement is not in my control

as you were immersed in me

all I could see was your eyes

the ones that told me multiple times

how much you loved me

the more your lips held mine

I knew how much we missed each other

I realized how meandering was our separation

I wished as you wished every second of my life was with you

forever was a word beyond our life

I wished we could be bonded for all the lives coming in for us

the more I was away from you, I realized how empty my life is..

my soul lust after yours…..beyond infinity.

Romance and Musings

His heart melted at her sight


He held her in his heart forever

waiting impatiently for her arrival

outside several doors

he was not sure how he could handle her

yet he was certain he would love her the most

the wait prolonged until he heard her cry inside

there she comes all cuddled and wrapped up

the freshness of her skin was reflecting

he wanted to hold her in his arms

yet he was scared that he might hurt her

he told the nurse to hand her to her grandmom

she held her in such a way to give him a good view of her

her soft tender hands were crawling out of the wrapping

she was yawning ..still, feeling the comfort of her mother’s womb

she smiled and yawned again…

opening her eyes slightly…

then again shutting it again as if she just didn’t care it

and wanted to sleep

her sweet lips and cheeks

were inviting his lips

he wanted to hold her

but didn’t know how he could

slowly as her grandmom, handed her to him

he was confused which way to hold

yet he knew, he will never drop her

she was like a soft cloud, like cotton balls

cuddled in the towel

the pinkishness has not vanished,

the skin was soft …he kissed her gently

and handed over to her grandmom again

afraid to hurt her

he still yearned to hold her in his arms and cuddle her.

Romance and Musings

Her soul flew away while she was tangled in the thorns


The wind was gushing in..

she ran towards him

she seemed near to him, yet she was not reaching there

she stumbled over a rock and fell down

she was grabbed by the thorns

the creepers began crawling up her body

hurting her every inch

yet she closed her eyes and controlled her tears

she wept, yet her tears never rolled down

she looked far into the infinity where her destination awaited

the thorns were deeply cutting her inside

she knew how to suffer pain, she lay there like a dead soul

letting her soul fly away to him

and slowly the thorns untangled her

she released herself and ran to him

the one she waited for all life

as she reached, her tears rolled down her eyes uncontrollably

she didn’t know what was happening

she has traversed these roads multiple times

yet she never felt this much pain in all these years

As she reached her safe place, in his arms, she wept and he cared her wounds

his arms gave her the comfort and the safety she was yearning for

she lay there feeling the heartbeat, the love that was flowing out of his heart

caressing her soul, that was making her fall in love again.

Romance and Musings

Love like there is no tomorrow


She trembled in her sleep

the thought of losing someone close to the heart

thoughts kept her awake all night

love and the care she is bestowed was rare and unique

the warmth of those arms, she longed for

the eyes that looked upon her with immense love

the passion that kept her living

the emotions that drove her to do the impossible

the care that she got pampered up everytime

her eyes were teary

she realized how much she was into the life

Fear kept her awake, her soul awake

she realised that instead of her fear

she need to live the moment

love like never before

and fall into those arms

forget the world

and live like, there is no tomorrow

Hold my hands ,as if you are going to pull me back when the life is taking me away