Musing and Thoughts

You never knew, what you stole from me…

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You never knew,

you stole from me,

for what I was offered a little

a little was nothing enough to be shared,

yet I was benevolent enough

to be taken for granted..

all I lost was the time I wanted ever…

you stole it away unknowingly

as attention was never sought by  me

but was drawn to you…

all I learned was I lost the time,

I ever wanted to cherish.

Romance and Musings

Selfish me

I am selfish

I am selfish when it is your love

It is hard to share you love

It is hard to share your attention

when you are with me I want it all

the grazing of your hands over me 

the sensual touch of your lips over me

everything that ignites my soul is just mine

I could hardly ignore the fire in me 

that flares the amber with your presence

I want you to own me and possess me 

let me be the spirit that dances with your soul

hand in hand  and arms tangled 

as you kiss away the pain you bring on to me 

with your bites and slaps.