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New beginnings

My elder daughter is all set for her schooling in a bigger school. 

She is as much excited as am , every time we pass by her school , she points it to us , “tats my school mom,” and I can read exactly how happy she feels . In my older posts , I have put up what exactly I felt leaving her at school , there is no difference even now , Am still the same old mom for her, who is sooooo worried about her , even when she is quite independent.

Seriously , when will all moms learn to be tension free  ( just a joke, no mom can ever be tension free… if so they are not moms )

When our kids are babies, we just want the time to fly soon , and our babies start crawling , walking and many more. But once they start doing what all we wanted them to and some extras , we wish they just sit quietly ( strange but true) .we mommies are always like that , nothing can change us.

Every time my daughter is moving to a new stage , she is  accompanied by panicky mom and a carefree dad. Even though am perfectly sure about how good she is managing herself , I am like , “oh !! what she will do ” , ” will she be ok ” etc.  Every night during our bed time , I keep telling her , that when her school opens , Myself and her younger sister will be coming to drop her at school  and we will be waiting for her to come back  from school to play with us.

Am surely going to miss her during her school hours, but that life, I cannot restrain her from her future, just for sake of over caring ,over loving , over possessiveness .I look forward for her holidays to come , like a peacock for rain , to be with her.

Have a lovely schooling my dear. Best of luck.