Romance and Musings

His heart melted at her sight


He held her in his heart forever

waiting impatiently for her arrival

outside several doors

he was not sure how he could handle her

yet he was certain he would love her the most

the wait prolonged until he heard her cry inside

there she comes all cuddled and wrapped up

the freshness of her skin was reflecting

he wanted to hold her in his arms

yet he was scared that he might hurt her

he told the nurse to hand her to her grandmom

she held her in such a way to give him a good view of her

her soft tender hands were crawling out of the wrapping

she was yawning ..still, feeling the comfort of her mother’s womb

she smiled and yawned again…

opening her eyes slightly…

then again shutting it again as if she just didn’t care it

and wanted to sleep

her sweet lips and cheeks

were inviting his lips

he wanted to hold her

but didn’t know how he could

slowly as her grandmom, handed her to him

he was confused which way to hold

yet he knew, he will never drop her

she was like a soft cloud, like cotton balls

cuddled in the towel

the pinkishness has not vanished,

the skin was soft …he kissed her gently

and handed over to her grandmom again

afraid to hurt her

he still yearned to hold her in his arms and cuddle her.

Romance and Musings

She embraced me …lovingly


Her tiny little hands held my face

fondling my cheeks and kissing it

she was biting her teeth as she was hugging me tightly

her big eyes looked at me with all love she could contain in it

she hugged me tightly in my neck

only my neck could be embraced by her little hands

she kissed on my eyes and my forehead

she kissed on my nose and bit my nose

her tiny teeth were wrapping my nose

and even those tiny sharp teeth were biting me – all I did was smile

I loved the way she held my face in her tiny hands

the soft tender fingers fiddling on my face

hugging me she said ” mama I love you”

and as I smiled she said ” mama say ” I love you too baby”

I smiled and repeated what she said ” I love you too my baby”

Her joyous expressions were precious and I held her close to myself

embracing her tightly …..

I wish I could be like her and tell out how much I love always.

Romance and Musings



The tiny hands and legs were like dew drops, soft and tender. She held them close to her heart. The sweetest form of love, where love was unconditional and will never fade away.

She held her tiny little fingers, caressing them and holding them with utmost care so that she doesn’t apply much pressure.The hands were too soft that, she was scared to hurt her. Her heart was beating faster. She felt like the whole world was in her baby.

She took her in her lap, to put her to sleep.

She knew it was tough, as the starry eyes were smiling at her giving the hint that “mama, am not going to sleep”.

She wanted to sing a lullaby but was scared she might not frighten her lil one with her sound.

She was unsure, whether her voice was the soothing one, as she never sang.

She looked at her baby, and smiled and pulled in as much as courage as she can, trying to recollect what song to sing, that might comfort her baby

She started humming, as she never knew the words.

To her surprise, she felt her baby was loving it, a smile was budding on her face.

She felt a spark of happiness in her soul because, in the whole world, it was her baby who is enjoying her voice for the first time.

She sang until she felt her heart was filled with joy and happiness.

her Lil bundle of joy slept peacefully, in the melancholy of her voice

She felt like crying out of joy.

She put her baby on to a bed and sat there admiring her.

She still kept humming, even though at one point she felt she was not good at it too.

Any mother’s lullaby is her love overflowing, in the form of a song.And for any child, that is the sweetest melody.

Romance and Musings

Being mommy



I was looking through old photographs of my lovely little daughter after her arrival in our life. 

The moment she was born, I was so excited to see her, I forgot all the pain and tension and the world around me. It was only her , seeing her well lit face , brought sunshine into my life. I touched her hands and legs tenderly ,so soft and smooth. Her eyes all closed as she was sleeping in my arms, I wanted her beside me in my arms forever.

Whenever I hear her sounds, I was excited. When she cries, I sit wondering how to calm her cry because I never knew what to do , and of course my mom came for rescue in such situations. I was learning being a mother, how to do , what to do and when to do.

Its true that whenever a child is born a mother is born too, and mothers are learning in every stage how to be a better mom. All mothers love unconditionally their kids , and I realize how much I love her whenever I look into her eyes , I can see the happiness , the protectiveness , the  love , the care  , the feel  and when I hold her closely to my heart. 

First few weeks were totally a mess in my life, never knew where to start , and what to do, and by following the expert advises from  my mom and grand mom , I could succeed to little bit.

The sleepless nights ,the wetting beds , all those troubles transforms into loving memories , when our kids grow up and it becomes the best stories in life which we lived through. All mothers feel so proud to tell about their kids, how they are are , what they are . For every Mother , their kid will be the naughtiest and the sweetest and cutest. 

Love to all  mothers . Motherhood is a true blessing.