Romance and Musings

wake me up like never before


She lay there on the bed on a clear morning..

welcoming the rays of the sun through the glass windows

lighting up everything in the house

brightening everything around her

all clad in the blankets, she looked for him

and there he was, with a tray filled with her favorite tea and breakfast and a flower for her

she felt being loved a thousand times every moment

the way he cared was undoubtedly the best part of her life

she recollected the times when it was just them, the way she swayed around him, all in love and happiness

the way they walked around the lane hand in hand, everything was filling colors in her life

she felt he was her slice of life and would stick to her life forever

She wanted everything with him- happiness and sorrows

love is undefinable, there is no reason to love, it just grows

true love never had a destination, because it is endless like the sea and vast like the ocean.

She hugged him, and he planted a kiss on her forehead, wishing each other much more days to come along in their life

She could cheat the death, lie forever in his arms and steal away the breath of love.

~~~Forever in love~~~

Romance and Musings

Laziness !!!!


Every week  Friday comes ,its just another lazy day for me, it doesn’t mean other days am not lazy, its just that , am more lazy on a Friday.

Everything around me ,seems to be so blurred ,except my bed or sofa, and of course my laptop.Just feels to cuddle around in my bed ,with my laptop and my lovely lil daughter sleeping near me, the best afternoon for me. But by evening the laziness is at the worst, I can’t even see my kitchen , but of course my tummy keeps rumbling, and the solution for it , is to get food from outside. 🙂

We sometimes have to take a break from the daily routines and get rid of all the responsibilities , That’s the best way to feel more energetic and we return to our normal routine with more happiness as we miss our work.

Sometimes when am too lazy, I ignore what mess I have around me, its just me and the bed , nothing else ,and after a good sleep, I feel  better to start of my work.

Indeed its true that distance from anything either its a person or a job or a thing makes fondness grow more towards it.Everyone requires a break ,once in a while, nothing can work continuously without wear n tear, it has to stop over doing anything .