Bonding with Family


Family doesn’t mean only parents , and my lovely daughter is enjoying that fun life now. I was not sure how she will get along ,even though I was half sure that she will be happy with people around .And Yea , I was right , she is enjoying everything , a new life style which is always my favorite.

Living in a different greenery , a different place ,without being clad in all jackets and enjoying long morning walks to the temple enjoying the sun, rain , getting all the extra attentions from her grandparents and mostly being around with her cousins and extended family .

Sometimes when we are busy in getting things done in our life, this small and lovely moments in our life help us to move forward . Now she got her grand mom to complaint about her mom , when I don’t give enough attention to her activities. She has her great grand mom to complaint about her grand mom  and she keeps chattering around the house like a lil butterfly full of lovely colors making their silent life full of noises . 

I don’t know how much she will remember later in her life , but mostly what I can do is to keep these moments alive in her life as stories . Like we ask our parents about what we used to be like in our childhood , my kid will also ask me and of course I will have a lot to tell her .




Before being a mom , I used to wonder how people manage kids, and when am a mom , i keep wondering how do people manage more than one kid. 

How do they manage when both the kids cry? How do they manage to buy same toys for both kids ? How do they travel with two or more kids? Like that so many questions pop up in my mind. Some advice me , not to have second one , as they find it difficult to manage ,ans a few tells me , its so adorable to see the kids enjoy together especially sibling enjoy together more.

I know the real fun of having a sibling , as  I have a brother with whom , I fight a lot, play a lot, and many more things we do. We share our thoughts , our dreams , its so special always to have someone always to hear us.How much ever we fight ,its difficult to stay away. 

I still remember the days ,when I used to feed him his food in his mouth ,even though at times I hate doing it , as its like pampering him more still , i enjoyed it , may be even now , I can do it. We both talk for hours ,even if there is no topic as such to talk about.He makes fun of me, play pranks , hit me, even I do all those on him still we are brother and sister. 

At one point in life ,we all require someone like a brother or sister ,even if it to fight or for a shoulder to cry on. With a brother or sister , we learn to share,love, kindness and  friendship  , everything doesn’t happen easily in any relation , it takes time and time heals everything.When I see how bigger kids take care of their younger ones , its so beautiful .

A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.  ~Marian Sandmaier


Family picture


My lovely daughter loves to draw a lot , whenever she gets a chance she scribbles something on her board and ask me to capture all those in my camera.

Even though I don’t need a camera to remember whatever she drew , I want to show it to her when she grows up. The other day , she drew a flower , i loved the way she was sketching it , truly her imagination works quite a lovely way. She drew a circle first and then , a lot many small circles around it connecting each other, and finally it became a flower. These things I never taught her , she must have observed  a lot from what others do , and of course this is the age for it, copying, imitating.

The other day she drew me and her dad ,  it was such a cute pic , I was smiling when she pointed me that one of them was me  and the other her dad.She was so happy and excited , to draw that picture. 

Its so sweet how they realize a family ,consisting of her mom,dad and herself and very soon she would realize the importance of a family too.Family means everything ,it builds up relation with lots of love and respect.

We as parents need to teach them , to respect a family bonding , by showing them exactly what it means having a family.Family is not an important thing , but everything .