Like the anklets, I remain close to the feet

reflection of woman s eye on broken mirror
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I may look broke,

I have mended myself like a number of times..

like a broken anklet,,

I make a feeble sound,

unknown to ears that are familiar with my face..

like  a broken string I kept breaking away,

twitching my inner peace of mind,

but, I just remained a piece of decor in anyone’s life.

all I did was shine bright, amidst my dusted roads…

like a fluorescence lighting up the whole world around me,,

but still left to remain close to those feet, than their hearts.



Monument of Unrequited Love

red candle
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Unknown to me

is your side…

which makes me crave

for the complicated you

I crave to be the piece of you

that remains clinging to you

like an invisible scar,

that keeps burning

to remind the time I had ever with you…

let us be together,

finally becoming a tombstone

monument of unrequited love…




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I am learning from you all

to break hearts…

pursuing the art of it

by mending and breaking hearts

like you all did once to me…

but never bothered to mend it at all..

so here I am, all the broken pieces collated well

but you will never see me cry over the broken pieces..

Now, as I enjoy being selflessly loved

to break it down easily,

that brings me at peace ..

blame me

judge me

I never mind..

as you broke my mind…

long ago….

when it was the right time to nurture it…

All I do is

mend to end…


You and Me

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an unspoken word,

an unsatisfied urge,

a step never, taken

a promise, that never sworn

a dream never conquered,

a wind that never collected,

a drop that never quenched,

a cloud that never cried

a star that never shone,

that is you and me,

    who never united, yet traversed together forever.

Together we weaved a world of our own

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broken desires

broken dreams

broken words

unable to be me

destructing myself inwardly

I shut myself from the world I desired

I shun away from peace

left all the leaves unturned and unnurtured

walked away like never to be returned

as you pulled me back

as you were equally broken like me

our eyes met and led us to a hope

a hope which we lived 

a life that began from an unbroken promise

to be with each other forever

tackling difficulties unshattered and unshaken

living a reality yet in an unreal world

a world that we weaved together.