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Effective ways to cope failure in life

Woman's failure thoughts
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Have you ever thought about being a failure in life?

It is indeed quite a burdening thought when it comes to life. It makes us feel like we are true burdens for others. A moment which shatters all the smiles around us. Mostly it happens as a result of postpartum depression or sometimes when we are stressed a lot.

Stress, to mind, is like cocaine to the brain, it brightens the illusions in our mind, causing us to forcefully think of being an utter waste in life. It is hard to digest sometimes, that even the healthy-looking person can be infected by such thoughts.

Anyways, there are no easy escapes, but quite a few tried and tested ones by myself and few I have always observed in others.

First of all, why do we get such a feeling of being a failure?

It is quite easy,

1.Firstly we always see ourselves, through the eyes of others.
2.Secondly, we judge our own capability.
3.Thirdly we assume we cannot do it or even try anything.
4.Finally, we suppress ourselves under a fear unknown.

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So, you see, it’s not an uncommon thing, everyone has a bit of this in them. You might assume that the successful ones are those who are not affected, but it is not right. They are successful because they fight these tiny demons in them and we, on the other hand, let the demon overpower us.

The sense of being a failure, is quite common in mothers, as the so-called expert mothers -who brand themselves as experts -downgrade the others. Actually it would be better to think none of us is perfect – actually, the children are perfect themselves. Again I am not blaming mothers, I just mentioned that when kids make it easier, parenting just eases and eventually streamline other activities.

When one woman has to undergo the change from a girl to a mother, she is quite surprised as well as alert. She becomes unsure about things related to her and as well as the baby. Giving them sufficient time would be ideal. God didn’t choose randomly for women to be mothers – they are actually crafted for the same, so any woman irrespective of age – turns into a mother when these hormonal changes happen.

Now how do we go about dealing with such negative feelings?

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Again it is not easy as pie. One needs to focus on many tiny aspects to bring out a big change. Some practices can make you actually feel good.

  1.   Keep yourself busy.
    2. Keep away from conversation wherein you are sure to be pinpointed. As those who pinpoint just enjoy doing it, irrespective of you being the “centre of attraction”.
    3. Better to do give yourself a break and take up “me time”.
    4. Being a mother is not the first thing happening in the universe, you are just among one in many, hence don’t stress, we all learn from mistakes.
    5.  Accept criticism positively, some are actually an eye opener, again depends on whom you are giving your ears too.
    6.  Take things slowly, give yourself time – we are not born Micheal Jackson to dance away easily.
    7.  Accept failures, there is nothing wrong in it.
    8.  Never give up.
    9.  Keep trying
    10. Keep trying…
    Again, just to put it clearly, I am not an expert too, but all I do is keep looping in the last point in my article – “keep trying “.

All the best to everyone, who are keeping up well and best of luck to all those who want to succeed in life. Every small tiny step counts, so take it – let it lead you to success that none foresee you can ever accomplish.

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She was finally imprinted on the rocks


He was the one who never knew
he never knew her pain
he never knew her sorrows
he was lost in his world
unknowingly losing her inch by inch
as she slid away into her own world
she became mysterious
she gained her wings from the cage
she waited for the moment she could fly away
yet little did she realised
she was shackled by the invisible chains
the moment she raised her wings and fluttered
she fell off the ground stumbling on her burdens
she felt that the shell of burdens on her was too much for her
she lay there​ buried under the values and principles
her heart echoed, yet none heard
years went by
when once her heart stopped to beat
it was silence everywhere
she never knew that she was ever existing
she became a void to everyone
she was loved, cared and nurtured
yet her roots never watered
she became submerged in the darkness of the world
the moistness of the ground kept her alive
she became old and died away one day leaving nothing but
an imprint on the rocks.

Live to the fullest

Paint with me, my life

share the joys and sorrows with me

caress me with the love and the soft touch of your warm hands

love me like never before 

Fill the life in the mesmerizing colors and take a jolly ride with me in the ups and downs of my life.

Every love is desirable in the journey of life

But a few remains in the heart forever cherished and buried under the burdens of life 

unseen to the world outside.

I wish not to share my pain, but my happiness a lot

Worry not about what the world says

listen to what your soul says

whisper in the heart wants you to enjoy the depth of life

love and love me forever 

because life is only once 

never miss a second as second chances are rarest to get.


Every soul in the universe craves for the best. The rhythm of the words that it rings in the ears of the heart, live every moment to the fullest as it cannot happen again.