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Confused parenting!!!

Yea sometimes am totally confused as all other parents .

I get confused about love , care ,anger , games , and many more when am with my kids, and then suddenly everything goes well, when am looking at my daughters cute faces and start doing whatever they want me to play with them.

When am cuddling my younger one, i feel am not giving enough attention to my elder lil gal…she is also too lil to be cuddled, then i lay the younger one and take my lovely angel, but doing so ….again I get hurt..am not sure if every other parent feels the same but may be yes. Sometimes I am soo careless i feel ,confused about loving my daughters. I don’t want to give either one less only more and more as much as i could.

Its true in every parents case, don’t know what to do in such cases . One of my friends as well as my mom advised me that , to a certain extent we need to pay more attention to our elder ones , because they are more aware of your less awareness and less attention .Gradually they will understand what is going on around them and will play along with us and we will be quite surprised to see how they will  adjust and tag along with us in our activities taking care of the younger one.

It really takes lots of patience and love and only love !!!!

Parent- Teacher meeting


As parents we both were , quite excited, about the day , when we were going to meet our kids Teacher. The proud moment of being parents. I never knew , how it will be , I kept asking to my parents, about how might the meeting go on , out of anxiety. 

As all parents, we too were worried, whether we will be receiving any complaints , or is tat our kid , is just fine in school , about her behavior and many more questions. That excitement was  fun , it was different experience in life and as first timers it was more of enthusiasm about how we going to handle it. It may sound funny , but yes, first timer will of course have tension , its a part of  immaturity. 🙂

It was like some exam we were going to attend , a question of parenthood. Thoughts like , how she handles everything in school alone without her parents in school , how she responds to them , and many more question which were there from the beginning of her school days , were popping in my mind. And I was full of question to ask her, just to get to know what she does in school , those three and half hours, in my day when she is not in front of me ,I was all excited to know and have a picture in my mind. 

It was all different , I have gone to parents meeting as a kid and that too years back , so at that time , the only thing in mind was ” what that teacher is going to complaint about me??” , but this time ,it was just that, ” Please I do not want to hear any complaints” , Funny but the truth.

The whole meeting went fine , and I noticed my lil pie , patiently and keenly listening to what all her teacher was telling us, and of course ,she was happy and from then on, she seemed to do anything to keep her teacher happy.

Am glad that ,she has a wonderful person to guide her. 


Bonding with her grandparents


My lil one , enjoyed her time with her grandparents , and I enjoyed looking at it and recollecting my golden days as a kid.

I have noticed the changes in my cutie pie , after the arrival of her grandparents , earlier she used to call me for anything she required , now that has a second name added to her list  , her grandma . Now she knows , that the things for which she gets rejection from me , she directs it to her grandma, and immediately she is given whatever she required. 

During our childhood too we all had such experiences too , pampered by our grandparents . I don’t know what exact emotions goes in their mind, but for sure tats only love and care. There is nothing that is beyond experience , and they have loads in their life. 

Like how I used to hear stories from my grandma, I saw my lovely lil daughter , sitting and listening to the stories from her grandma. But in the end, I heard her reciting stories to her grandma too , in the same  style with all the actions and drams.They played together, draw together , even she didn’t want to me all the time ( even though it made me jealous).

Grandparents play a role model for the kids . They are like an extra parent for the kid in all the ways , even better than the parents in every way.They give the kids the sense of family and bonding.

Special Mother’s day


This time Mother’s day was so special for me.

As always I adore my mom as well as my lovely daughter. Every Mother’s day for the past years I have wished my mom only through phone calls and messages or Skype , but this year I was fortunate enough to be with her as well as receive my special Mother’s day wish from my lil one too.

My daughter made a wonderful card for me on Mother’s day with the help of her lovely teachers and wished me with a sweet kiss . I know there is no other blessing than having a wonderful daughter like her in my life as well as my lovely and caring mom.

I remember my old days when I used to be a kid, myself and my brother used to collect money and keep it safe to buy gifts for my mom. Whatever we had given her , even if it is as simple as a paper card made by us , she adored it. Now being a mom , I think about how am in her shoes , giving love and care and raising my lil one.

I can see that now my daughter is enjoying her time with her grandparents and I could get glimpse of what exactly I received when I was so young to remember. 🙂

Being mommy



I was looking through old photographs of my lovely little daughter after her arrival in our life. 

The moment she was born, I was so excited to see her, I forgot all the pain and tension and the world around me. It was only her , seeing her well lit face , brought sunshine into my life. I touched her hands and legs tenderly ,so soft and smooth. Her eyes all closed as she was sleeping in my arms, I wanted her beside me in my arms forever.

Whenever I hear her sounds, I was excited. When she cries, I sit wondering how to calm her cry because I never knew what to do , and of course my mom came for rescue in such situations. I was learning being a mother, how to do , what to do and when to do.

Its true that whenever a child is born a mother is born too, and mothers are learning in every stage how to be a better mom. All mothers love unconditionally their kids , and I realize how much I love her whenever I look into her eyes , I can see the happiness , the protectiveness , the  love , the care  , the feel  and when I hold her closely to my heart. 

First few weeks were totally a mess in my life, never knew where to start , and what to do, and by following the expert advises from  my mom and grand mom , I could succeed to little bit.

The sleepless nights ,the wetting beds , all those troubles transforms into loving memories , when our kids grow up and it becomes the best stories in life which we lived through. All mothers feel so proud to tell about their kids, how they are are , what they are . For every Mother , their kid will be the naughtiest and the sweetest and cutest. 

Love to all  mothers . Motherhood is a true blessing.