Mommy musings


This week we were given pictures and had to write on that basis. I was given this:

And it brought me thoughts on my own gems – my daughters.

Romance and Musings

She embraced me …lovingly


Her tiny little hands held my face

fondling my cheeks and kissing it

she was biting her teeth as she was hugging me tightly

her big eyes looked at me with all love she could contain in it

she hugged me tightly in my neck

only my neck could be embraced by her little hands

she kissed on my eyes and my forehead

she kissed on my nose and bit my nose

her tiny teeth were wrapping my nose

and even those tiny sharp teeth were biting me – all I did was smile

I loved the way she held my face in her tiny hands

the soft tender fingers fiddling on my face

hugging me she said ” mama I love you”

and as I smiled she said ” mama say ” I love you too baby”

I smiled and repeated what she said ” I love you too my baby”

Her joyous expressions were precious and I held her close to myself

embracing her tightly …..

I wish I could be like her and tell out how much I love always.

Romance and Musings

To the princess -Who is teaching me motherhood


I was a wanderer, lost in thoughts and dreams

It was me who wanted to get out of the world and fall in love with nature and forget the world around me.

Little did I knew what the heaven was and what a blessing was,

The moment you arrived in my womb, everything changed, I was someone whom I never knew.

The days and months were the barriers among us, the wait was intolerable.

Never ever realized I could wait for someone, I have never seen

The pain was negligible, with the thought of your first sight

I prayed for the strength and blessing for the first time in my life just to witness your arrival into my world from your home which you made in my womb.

We played with each other all those nine months.

At times I wondered, how do you manage inside me 

I remember the soft hands and legs that moved inside me, giving me some sleepless nights, I knew you just wanted me to know that you were there with me

The moment was the most cherishable one in my life when you came and kept you soft dewdrop like hands on me and sucked the very first drop of milk.

The mom in me was hiding somewhere deep in the dungeons of my heart, which came alive and up.

I see you grow, take your first steps, I fought with the World when someone criticized you, and I will still do that

Growing up, we are fighting like kids do, am becoming a more like a typical mom with all the tantrums like all other moms, forgive me if you feel am not making you feel special.Am a like a lost child who don’t know what to do next as you are my live exam, for which I am not prepared.

I stumble and fall attimes on head or hands yet am managing my very best to be a mom . Forgive me for my ignorance , as you know this is both new for me and you

On your birthday today, the only thing I want to tell you is ” I love you always and forever”

Thank you, my little princess, for making me realize my strengths when I thought I reached the horizon of my dreams and strength, adding more to my wings and helping me fly higher.


Romance and Musings

A New Start And Welcome New Year


Crackers…loud cheers… laughter..and much more everywhere.

The atmosphere is filled with the joy of welcoming the New Year.

It was 12 at night, the phone was buzzing with thousands of wishes from across the world, her friends and relatives. Even if she was quite sleepy, she sat and replied everyone, as she didn’t want to be the one to disappoint anyone around and of course she wanted to share the joy of the beginning of a new year.

She was enjoying, dancing and relaxing on her couch, it was NewYear, she kept mumbling at times as if she was reminding herself, it is time for her to relax and enjoy. She had cakes, juices, yummy food everything set on her table. She had all her loved ones around her. She kept hugging them, cuddling in their arms, whispering everyone she sees “A very Happy New Year”. She was glowing, happy and satisfied. The room was filled with the joy of celebrations. She had her best friends along with her side, her kids, their kids. She was sharing the joy of welcoming the New Year, recollecting the days of the past years. She was giggling like a little girl.

Suddenly she fell off as she was walking, a sudden push she felt.

O yea! She was kicked by her little girl early morning at 5, for the need of milk. That is when she realized it was just a dream, an elaboration of what small cake cutting ceremony they had at home. Her daughter pushed her out and asked her to get her milk, even if she was sleepy and with no intention of having milk.

She never realized, she was off to sleep, her eyes dozed off, without even her permission. Her eyes were burning, she was struggling to keep her eyes open. The sleep -deprivation was clearly on her face. Yet she woke up and went off to the kitchen. No New miracles in the Kitchen, it is the same as she left the previous night.She cleaned up and started her so-called New day with boiling milk ( Shubh Arambh – meaning New Start).

Every year is always a promising one, She never had any resolutions to start off. But it was indeed a New Begining, we never know what we learn as we go by.
The joy of welcoming the NewYear was something that never clicked her at times, because on the very own first day of her New Day, she does all her jobs monotonously. Only welcoming is grand, the rest is the same.

But it was indeed a New Begining, a New Day – may be to set off something New.

~The End~

The New Chapter of my life

As usual no resolutions, it’s not because am perfect, but totally imperfect and no way that is going to change from this crazy ‘Me’. Change is gradual, I cannot force myself into it, I am what I am. For me am a happier Mom, a budding writer, a good friend, a good lover, and wife and a good daughter as well as a sister.

Being good is enough for me, I never wanted to be a better person and be eaten up with the more and more expectations laid on to me.

I would love to thank everyone who is helping me to live happily and helping me in all stages of life. Taking life seriously is not a reason to live. Share your smallest joy even with the least important people in your life. Relish the bliss of being able to be happy and express.

The past year has changed many things for me, without even being expected. And Am happy that even if am stepping up on to a New Beginning, I have all with me.

I will continue to be crazier, more irritating, more talkative, more happy, sadder this whole year again. So hope you tolerate me more and be there with me, even in the coming years.


Happy New Year to all my crazy bunch of people.

Romance and Musings

The long wait


The cold winds caressing her feet and slowly covering the wounds of the feet . The sharp edges that left her bruised and feel the pain was smoothened by the hands of the wind. The coldness is catching her feet and slowly climbing up to her, giving her the creepy cold touch.

The woolen hands which are warm enough to keep her alive for the winter , as it passes by until when the sun shines. The cold feet and the cold hands are awaiting the rise of the sun, to feel the warmness of the sunlight to fall on . The longing for the warm and sunny weather is all in her eyes and looking up to the horizon from the window near her. The wait is not over ,still the sun os not up.

All she could see was the little kids walking in the snow , covering themselves in the warm jacket and gloves ,hitting all the snow that comes in their path. She saw that everyone is so happy , yet for her, she wanted the cuddle , the warmness of the morning . The clear sky and the chirping of birds. She realized how much she missed her home, which she left behind to travel around the world.

Little did she know that she would be greedy for the presence of the other world ,where she grew ,she nourished and she felt alive. And here she was all numb and lost in her thoughts. As she sat near her window, putting her hands outside to catch a snowflake. She looked everywhere around ,it was early morning and yet the sun was not out, and all were out for work. Many battling the cold and walking to the tram stops and boarding the tram off to work.

As she was longing for a nice cuddle, her little sparkling eyed girl woke up and came running to her cuddling her and sneaking her hands into her jackets to fee the warmth. Then they spend their time gazing out of the window before the sun was out by 11.