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I was glued to your life ….


As I lay there holding my babies closer to myself

giving them the warmth and petting their foreheads

love was overfilling and flowing through my veins to them

the joy was profound and unexplainable

the way they closed their eyes and slowly falling into a deep sleep

after all the tiring day they had

running around making a mess

irritating me to the core and then making me smile again

every single moment I shoot up with anger, the mom in me calms me down

reminded by the innocent smiles that flash on their face

even with tears rolling down their eyes

They cry and yet they never wanted me to cry

the smiles that lit up my life

the big eyes, that showed me a new vision to live

the ears that gave me the super power to even hear their faintest voice in the crowd

the legs that ran around with me in the whole house with the melodious sound of anklets

the tender hands, that comforted me, when I had so much to do

their naughtiness imprinted many fond memories in my heart

at times I wondered what would I be without them

what am now, is all because of them, the love and affection they bestowed in me

their eyes always conveyed me that ” they loved me”

Their hands when held told me that ” they trusted me”

They could walk right behind me, even to the darkest part of life

They gave me the strength and courage to live a life, that I thought was never mine

Their love is my strength

their love is my power

the power that I gathered to handle all the broken pieces of my heart

they glued me into the life they wanted to have with me

And I lived happily with them


the truth about parenting

I have read many times that with two kids parenting is no more parenting but a match where we are a referee.

As a kid, I used to watch some wrestling shows on TV and have laughed at the referee who gets smashed by these fighters. Seems Lil did I knew I was going to take the same place in my life further as a mum. 😛

Everything used to be lol easier with one kid, and one fine day I decided to take up some more challenges as I was running out of things to do. That is when I was gifted by Lord with this Lil one again.

Being mum again was always the prettiest and the happiest thing in the world for me. As she is growing up, my days are filled with challenges every day something new.

Testing my patience to the core has become her ultimate fun thing to do in the house. I wonder at times am I really a mum or some maniac running around the house .

Really I remember the times when I was just a mum of my Lil princess , other than the occasional blowing out sessions , I was Lil normal. Now the normal ‘me’ is gone and nowhere to be seen.

Over time it is just me running around with her, or behind her.

Now I wish I get those people in hand who said, you can manage one more kid, as my elder one was a girl and especially a silent girl.

Seems like my elder one too got infected with the madness in me, she has forgotten to play peacefully.

At times our house remains silent, certainly, when my tornado is sleeping ,that is when we realise that we have some normalcy in the house.

Hope things change as she grows up in a better way.

Still, the fun is fun . I love being a mum , who at times can yell around and enjoy the authority.

It is not the fun ,we are creating memories in all these we do .


Its weaning time ….patience

Its the toughest decision to take .

I was not sure how to do , as I didn’t go through this earlier.

I was confused how things will go, how she will manage .

I was upset to see her cry and asking me for milk.

But one fine morning , I decided , instead of thinking , its time for her , and I kept trying for days and days , everyone helped me , and I was happy that am not alone. I had to keep my heart hard as a rock. 

She kept crying and crying but suddenly at one point she understood whatever I said , atleast thats what I believed . I guess she understood from my teary eyes and the low words that Mom has no more to give . Hope she forgives me and adapt to other things. 

I know its a stage in every kids life , but for me, its only mine ,my special one , I cried , I couldn’t hold my tear when she was crying , still I had to do it. I kept trying and trying , did not want to loose heart or my patience and do y very best. I kept telling myself , its good for her , am doing as best as i can , I know she won’t starve , she has enough outside but ofcourse not as good as mine. 

I wanted to do so that was final, no more thoughts should cloud my determination . And finally overcame my thoughts and everything went well, though its tiring and tough , we loose our patience couple of times . At times its my elder one who helps me out in dealing with her sister, she keeps telling her , that when we grow up , no more milk there, trying her best to convince her .

Finally , now when she herself says “mama, milk over ” , I feel so sad , but , she hugs me ,as if to tell me ” mama, don’t worry am fine , don’t cry ” .

I love my daughters in the way they support me, love you both always .