Romance and Musings

Unleash the devil in me


My mind is brittle and cold

it is silently slaughtering the real me

the mind is boggled with the truth 

Scared to show the real me

apprehensive of the world accepting the  devil in me

living a life that was filled with deception

the devil in me afflicted for freedom

yet the cry was unheard

shackled beneath  hundreds of promises

the devil repelled the soul

conflict continued until I was unsure 

when the devil came out and dominated my soul

releasing the distress in me 

setting me free and my soul to wander into the garden of truth

I wanted to be the devil

that let you do the sin

the sin that brings me alive

love me for the reason that – Am a devil

not for the mask I carry on

I regained the power in me when I turned devilish

the falseness just battered away

the truth enlightened my soul

bringing out the erratically damaged soul out of the dungeons

being a rebellion changed my life

letting me run away from a self-crushing life

Liberating the devil out into the crowd.