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Unable to Choose….

At the edge of the cliff

I stood with one foot feeling the air

The other feeling the safety of the land

All I could see is the vast nature that was calling me

inviting me to its bed of love

The other one was the land nourished and watered

I was living at the edge of it

A small step either saves me

A small step lets me fall

Dangling in between the choices 

I stood there silently watching the nature

I let myself loose, to be chosen by nature itself

Dilemma of choosing the right was torturing me

I felt like a bird, learning to fly 

who stood there waiting to understand what is best for it

Finally like the bird took a flight, the sky became its home 

For me, I stood amazed by the overwhelming beauty of the world around me

Unable to choose… Unable to fly… Unable to walk away.