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the feel of been loved

she is a confused soul

the feeling of being loved

crushed her from inside

she felt she was worthless

yet she let him conquer her heart

the way she brushed her hair on his face

giving herself on to him

soaking herself in his love

sucking the heart out of him

receiving the love bites

the ones she treasured in her heart

even the pain felt like honey to her soul

the sweetness cuddled her and she felt alive for the moment in his arms.

I am the devil you want to walkaway with


until death parts us

I want to be the fear living in you

the fear that engulfs your mind and soul

the fear that you never want to betray

the fear that you would embrace

I want to be in your arms like the sea cradles the land

I  wish to be the distress that arrives in you as I am gone

I want to be the dream that you want to see

I want to be your hopes that you want to walk into

I want to dance away in the rain with you in my arms

it is like living and dying every moment am with you

you kiss away the pains in me like you pick the thorns from the roses

even if it meant hurting you, you walked into me

driving me crazier than ever before

the only fear that beholds me was the one of losing you

as  you loved me as a battered soul and completely cynical

I became the devil and you became the monster I want to walk away with.